• Player Information

    Please fill out the below information on the player receiving the age waiver
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  • Please list the team name as it appears in Webpoint
  • Passport, driver's license, birth certificate, etc.
  • Report card, letter from school, school ID, etc.
  • Club Information

    The below information should be filled out by the person requesting the form. This person MUST be associated with the club, preferably the Director.
  • According to Badger Region policy, an age waiver may only be requested IF the waiver would allow the player to compete an age level below with their peers of the same grade. Additionally, the age waiver will be approved ONLY for non-qualifying in-region events. The player will NOT be allowed to play in any USAV qualifiers. To play out of region, the club director must receive approval from the tournament director. The player and his/her family have been notified of this information.