AARCS Adoption Agreement
Only to be completed once a Dog/Cat/Critter Adoption Application Form has been completed and approved.

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  • between:
    THE ALBERTA ANIMAL RESCUE CREW SOCIETY, a registered non-profit charity organized under the laws of the Province of Alberta and having its head office in the City of Calgary, in the Province of Alberta
  • (the "ADOPTER")
    WHEREAS the Adopter wishes to adopt the animal described below (the "animal") pursuant to the terms and conditions set out herein;
  • Adopter's Personal Information

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  • AARCS Animal Adoption Fees

    Please indicate the proper amount for the animal that you are adopting. Please ensure this amount is correct at the very bottom before submitting this Adoption Contract.

    If you have a reduced adoption fee, please click "I will pay the Adoption Fee via phone or other" or if so, "I have already paid the Adoption Fee".

    Please ensure you have been approved by the AARCS Adoptions Team prior to submitting this Adoption Contract.
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    DOGS over 6 months ∙ Minimum $75 Fee
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    *Please note: If you are adopting two(+) cats or kittens (including Barn Buddies), please fill out both of their AARCS information on this Adoption Contract.

    Thank you!
  • $
    CATS over 6 months ∙ Minimum $25 Fee
  • $
    For our Barn Buddies Adoption Fees, all we ask is that you make a donation to AARCS

    Thank you!
  • $
    Adoption Promotion ∙ Minimum Fee: $10

    Since these fees vary due to species and breeds, we ask that you please input the fee discussed with our Critter Adoption Coordinator.
  • *ONCE SUBMITTED, you will be directed to the PAYMENT PAGE of the contract*

    If you prefer to make the Adoption Fee Payment via phone or other, please select the "I will pay the Adoption Fee via phone or other" option above and then call:
    1(403)250-7377 or email payments@aarcs.ca
  • Animal Information

  • Dog / Cat / Critter
  • Terms and Conditions

    This agreement constitute a contract for the adoption of the animal described between AARCS and
  • All returns must be preapproved and only then will a surrender time and location be disclosed to the individual relinquishing their animal back into AARCS care.
  • Any personal information collected is only used by Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society for the purpose defined at the time of the collection or a use that complies with these purposes. We do not share your information with any third parties.
  • Upon submission, if you have not selected to pay the fee through this form; you will be redirected to our shopping cart to pay your adoption fees. Adoption fees must be paid in full prior to picking the animal up. We accept credit card and bank transfer. AARCS does not accept personal cheques.
  • Hill's Pet Nutrition Canada Inc. — P.O. Box 699, Streetsville, Ontario L5M 2C2 — HillsPet.ca
  • *Digital signature is required, please use mouse or touch screen to make it as clear as possible.
  • A Note from AARCS:

    We at AARCS believe that each animal is special and considered to be a part of the AARCS family. Should you have any issues or concerns, please feel free to contact us for advice and guidance.

    Without foster parents and volunteers it would not be possible to do what we do; the amount of animals we can save is directly proportional to the amount of foster parents we have, please consider becoming a foster parent or a volunteer.