Transportation Contract for Parents of Bus Student
Dear Students and Parents,

The Scottsbluff transportation staff would like to make both students and their parents aware of the kind of behavior that is expected on the bus in order to maintain safe driving conditions. Student behavior directly influences the safety of the bus. Knowing and following the rules on the bus will result in a safe and enjoyable ride to and from the school. It is understood that the bus is an extension of the classroom and as such, the rules for behavior that apply in the classroom also apply on the bus.

Riding the bus is a privilege that is extended to all who qualify, not a right. Administrative rules found in the Safe Pupil Transportation Plan will govern the safe operation of school vehicles. Students violating these regulations may have their riding privileges revoked or suspended. Parents will be responsible for damage done to transportation vehicles or equipment by their children.

Your child's ability to ride the bus is subject to qualification. Filling out this form does not guarantee transportation services can be provided.
  • Please fill out a separate contract for each student.

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  • Safe Pupil Transportation Plan