• *Fee is RM550
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  • General Rules

    1. Class starts anytime as per your preferred start date
    2. Duration to complete all the lessons (from your start date) : 6 months for 12 lessons package
    3. Any remaining class after the period ends, will be forfeited.
    4. Closed on Public Holidays, unless stated or informed otherwise
    5. For aged 13 – 60 (Public)
    6. 4 students per instructor (MKN SOP)
    7. Lessons held once or twice a week. All lessons must be completed within the stipulated period.
    8. Students may attend any sessions available (once a week).
    9. You may skip class but need to notify us via SMS/Whatsapp your absence at least 5 hours before class.
    10. Classes will be rescheduled (by PESA) if minimum number of participants is not reached or in the event of unforeseen circumstances.
    11. All lessons must be redeemed by the same person.
    12. Advancement of lesson based on individual capability.
    13. Students are required to bring their own swimwear, goggles and wear a swimming cap
    14. Valid at PESA: 0105454815 (Call/SMS/Whatsapp)
  • Terms of Service

    1. Putrajaya Effective Swimming Academy (PESA) shall reasonably ensure, observe and implement relevant safety aspects and procedures during commencement of class.
    2. All participants are strictly required to reasonably observe, understand and implement any learned or provided safety requirement and/or procedures.
    3. PESA shall not be held responsible or liable for any accident/injury/loss of life and/or personal property before, during or after commencement of class.
    4. If in cases of accident and/or injury during/after commencement of class (within the premise), reasonable first aid treatment and/or action will be taken immediately.
    5. The guarantee that the students will master the swimming skill upon completing the course is subject to his/her capability. Thus, students are required to do some practice/drills in between classes on their own for better and fast result
    6. The fees are neither refundable nor transferable and forfeited if you are not able to complete the course within stipulated period, due to any reasons.
    7. Thus, if you have any health complications, please seek medical advice before taking up swimming class. (Note: Generally, everybody can swim in any health condition, but must take precautions)
  • You will receive a copy of your registration form as future reference. The registration is ONLY valid when the payment is done