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Daily - Work performed on a daily basis.
 Empty all wastepaper baskets, pencil sharpeners, trash and disposal containers and move refuse from building. 
 Dust and clean all cleared work surfaces in all offices, including modular workstations, using appropriately treated cloth; remove stains and marks. 
 Dust and disinfect all telephones; dust all computers and monitors that are turned off. 
 Thoroughly vacuum all carpeted areas; spot clean as necessary. 
 Sweep and wet mop all hard surface floors. 
 Clean all surfaces of drinking fountains. 
 Clean all interior glass surfaces (not exterior windows), removing fingerprints and dirt. 
 Clean all door glass and entry foyer glass, inside and outside, removing all fingerprints and dirt. 
 Thoroughly clean all restrooms and restroom fixtures, including showers and walls, mirrors, shelves, wash basins, toilets, urinals, partitions, and doors; disinfect all restroom surfaces. 
 Wet mop all restroom floors using disinfectant. 
 Spot clean all folding doors. 
 Maintain all designated supply closets and cabinets in a clean and orderly manner. 
 Vacuum and/or damp mop elevators; clean elevator tracks and walls; remove fingerprints and dirt from elevator doors. 
 Maintain parking lot. 
WEEKLY - Work performed as necessary on a weekly basis in order to properly maintain premises.
 High-speed burnish finished VCT and every other week (bi-weekly). 
 Spot wash all doors, light switches, and walls. 
 High and low dusting, including: chair bases, window frames, map/chalk board frames, tall cabinets, door frames, and bookcases. 
 Scrub all restroom floors. 
 Vacuum and spot clean all uphostered furniture. 
 Apply protective materials and buff all hard floors for preservation and maintenance of sheen. 
 Dust and spot clean all window sills and frames. 
MONTHLY - Work performed as necessary on a monthly basis in order to properly maintain premises.
 Dust all horizontal or vertical blinds. 
 Clean all doors, walls, and kickplates. 
 Clean all vertical walls in restrooms. 
 Clean all HVAC grills and registers. 
QUARTERLY, SEMI-ANNUAL, AND ANNUAL SERVICES - Work performed as necessary on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis in order to properly maintain premises.
 Semi-annual exterior window washing; including interior and exterior window glass, and interior frames and sills. 
 Full depth carpet cleaning; semin-annual, annual, or sooner as necessary. 
 Floor stripping, refinishing and burnishing; semi-annual, annual, or sooner as necessary. 
 Wash all vertical or horizontal blinds. 
 Pressure washing service. 
Additional service desired: