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Welcome, we're glad your here and ready to sign up! Please using this form is Registering your bridesmaids party online only. This form is not for scheduling an appointment in store.

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    Only one code can be used per checkout.

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    White Fabric Bella Mera Garment Bag -

    Lavender Fabric Bella Mera Garment Bag -

    Turquoise Fabric Bella Mera Garment Bag -
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  • Invite your other bridesmaids to start planning your special day!

    We'll send a friendly welcome email letting them know your ordering with Bella Mera Bridal, a link to the dress and/or dresses, your selected colors, how to place orders and what special offers you have pre-set up for them.

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  • Slate, Desert Rose, Moondance, etc.
  • [If your allowing them to pick their own style, you can just list the parameters here]
  • [15% off offer for the Juniors and Flowers with any 3 placed bridesmaids orders]
  • Important Info:

    We will not place the group order until everyone in the bridal party submits their order or your plans change. It is the Brides' responsibility to keep track of her registry and to make sure that each bridesmaid's order is submitted. You can ask each lady for their 4 digit order# or your in store consultant. All registrations include a Welcome Email to your bridesmaids or to the bride and one (1) follow up email sent per your request.

    - If for any reason, your event cancels or you want to remove the registration, the orders placed will be assessed a 30% cancellation fee for the admin, set-up and time setting up your party

    - We will require a final approval from you in writing to place the final order with the Designer.

    - Your bridesmaids are charged at the time of purchase. Orders cannot be cancelled once placed

    - It's your responsibility to notify us any change with your party, such as removing or adding someone and checking in with us to see who has ordered. If you have 3 bridesmaids that qualified for promotions and you remove 2 of them from the party, the promotions will also be removed.

  • Account Ordering Set-up

  • [Option 1 info] If you set-up a standard online profile account with your email & password (here: - All the ladies need to be logged in first and then place their individual orders, if you want to be able to have all the orders emailed to you & in one account only. If an order is placed and they are not logged in, we cannot go back & move it into your account, but we will still group the orders together.

    [Option 2 info] Each person will just place an order with their own private accounts without being logged into your account. We will still group them together, not inside your account. (You will not have any account to log into to see view orders with this option)

    Any selections above they will be able to use their own credit card, select their own ship to address
  • We look forward to working with you!

    We will be in contact with you in 1-3 business days to confirm your registration.

    Bella Mera Bridal
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