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  • I understand that participation in any activity may entail risks. I will report any physical problems experienced by me or any child under my care to the event staff prior to event participation. I understand the nature and components of the event in which me or my child is participating and the risk associated with the events. I hereby consent to and accept these risks for me and my child or any child under my care. I further agree and hold harmless the Sky Valley Chamber and the City of Sultan from any and all claims, suits, losses or related injury or death, accidental or arising in any way from participation in Sky Valley Chamber events.

    Insurance: It is the responsibility of every individual, their parent or legal guardian to provide for their own accident and health coverage while participating in all Sky Valley Chamber activities. The Chamber does not provide any accident or health coverage for its participants.

    Publicity Release: I give permission to the Sky Valley Chamber , to use photographs of me, my child or any child entrusted to my care for publicity and promotion purposes on a mass media basis. I also waive all rights to compensation for the use of these photographs.
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