Volunteer at Ginger Creek
You are amazing! Your time and gifts make everything we do at Ginger Creek possible and allows us to be all that God calls us to be!
  • Ready to jump in? Tell us a little about yourself:

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  • (what are your passions, gifts and skills)

  • I enjoy helping new people and desire to make them feel welcomed
  • I want to use my artistic talents too impact others.
  • I enjoy working with lighting, sound or video.
  • I enjoy working in construction or landscaping and like to work with my hands to build or create.
  • I like to support others by preforming detail work and daily routines.
  • I like to help at the church but I don't know where to start.
  • Don't see anything that interest you? Write any other passions, gifts or skills that you have that could help our church.