Snuggle Inn Online Guest Information Form
Please ensure you have read our terms and conditions before completing this form.
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  • If single guest please choose option N/A
  • Must be different to owners and by agreeing to be the emergency contact they have also agreed to our privacy policy

  • Must be different to Owners
  • Please advise us what your cat has to eat and how often they are fed. If they have a prescription or non high street bought diet please supply. Also please let us know what treats they like to have.
  • All Cats vaccinations must be updated on a yearly basis. A Certificate from a vet of a recent protective titre test may be accepted instead of a booster vaccination. The certificate must state that it is valid for the current period.
  • Any Cats arriving will fleas will be treated and the customer will be charged £25.00 per cat. We strongly advise customers use either Advocate or Stronghold which can be bought through your vet or Advantage which can be bought online as we have found other brands are no longer working properly.
  • Although we always try to go to your vets for continuity, if they are too far away or it is out of hours or a serious emergency, we will use our nominated vets.
  • If applicable
  • Please inform us of any relevant medical or behavioural problems, conditions or allergies your cat/s may have, including restrictions on exercise or mobility.
  • Our Gourmet Diet carries an extra charge of 75p per meal per cat