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    Please submit your measurements here and your tuxedo sizing will be calculated. Skip if your just reserving or scheduling an appointment. Please contact us within 2 weeks before you need the tuxedo to submit measurements or schedule an appointment in store.
  • Place tape around the natural waist (above hip bone) at the level of your navel. This is your waist measurement. Wrap a tape measure over a shirt around your waist at the height you usually wear your slacks. Tuxedo pants are made to be worn at the natural waist. Put one finger between the tape and your body.

    Tuxedo pants adjust three sizes. Measure where your belt would go if you wear your belt below your belly.
  • Stand straight up and place the tape up under your arms, around your chest,put your arms at your side,around the largest part of your chest. Don’t pull too tight.

  • Place tape measure around arms and chest at the same level as the chest measurement. This is your overarm measurement.
  • If your renting shoes
  • Take your shoes off and measure from the top of the pant. (pull them up to where a tuxedo pant will be worn with a tucked in shirt) to the floor right next to the heel.
  • Place tape measure around your neck and keep at least one finger between your neck and the tape measure.

  • Hold arm straight out to your side parallel to the floor, bend your elbow and measure from center of back to elbow and up to the wrist.
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