Marion Toyota Project CAR Nomination
Please be as detailed as possible. Required information is marked with a star but all fields are here for a reason and we encourage you to provide all information that applies. You will be able to save form at bottom of page and come back to finish if needed.

Before nominating someone, click here to read all PROJECT CAR TERMS & CONDITIONS.
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    List phone number at which you may be reached on a regular basis.
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  • Valid email address required for online nomination.
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    List phone number at which Nominee may
    be reached on regular basis.
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  • Nominee's email address if at all possible.
  • Give approximate age if exact unknown
  • Note: We will not contact their employer without their knowledge.
  • If we chose you and your Nominee to proceed in a face-to-face interview, would your Nominee agree to fill out an application including but not limited to address, driver's license, SSN, and other information, and be able to provide two references in addition to your recommendation?
  • If your Nominee is selected to purchase a Project Car vehicle for $1, to the best of your knowledge could they also cover expense of full year of car insurance plus initial estimated license/title fees of $196?