PESA - Pangkor X : OWS Course
Call/WhatsApp/SMS Aniza @ 010 5454 815
  • Fee is NOT inclusive of Accommodation, Meals & Travelling expenses
  • Kindly upload Proof of Payment if pay by online or ATM Transfer

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    Credit/Debit Payment :
  • Pool Fee

    Pool fee is only applicable to students (ALL categories) & other pool users (family members of students)

    There are 2 types of Pool Fee :
    a. Walk in @ RM5 per person per entry
    b. Monthly Unlimited Pass @ RM65

    RM65 Monthly Unlimited Pass :
    1.Valid from 1st day of the month until the last day of the same month (e.g 1 /3 - 31/3)
    2.Valid for maximum 4 persons (of a family) per visit (free for children aged below 4)
    3.Unlimited usage during these sessions :
    Friday @ 3 pm - 4 pm / Saturday @ 9 am - 12 pm
    Saturday @ 6 pm - 7 pm / Sunday @ 1030 am - 1230 am
    4.Limited to 50 cards per month
    5.Monthly Pool Fee card can be purchased a week before the expiry date
    6.Purchase card @

    **Note : No pool fee for accompanying parents (in the water) for Aqua Baby Class & Children Swimming Class

    **subject to change
  • Terms of Service

    1. Putrajaya Effective Swimming Academy shall reasonably ensure, observe and implement relevant safety aspects and procedures during commencement of class.
    2. All participants are strictly required to reasonably observe, understand and implement any learned or provided safety requirement and/or procedures.
    3. Putrajaya Effective Swimming Academy shall not be held responsible or liable for any accident/injury/loss of life and/or personal property before, during or after commencement of event.
    4. If in cases of accident and/or injury during/after commencement of class (within the premise), reasonable first aid treatment and/or action will be taken immediately.
    5. The fees are neither refundable nor transferable and will be forfeited if you are not able to complete the course within stipulated period, due to any reasons.