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2017 Online Course 4: “The Healing Power of Your Inner Oracle:
the Transformative Energy of the Sacred Vision Oracle Cards”
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  • Complete Release of Liability and Acceptance of Responsibility

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    • I understand there is a fee of $260 in U.S. Dollars to participate in this Single Course ($240 for people currently enrolled in the Lynn Andrews Mystery School, Writing School or Kindred Spirits graduate program). This fee includes a $50 dollar non-refundable deposit.

    Seven (7) days prior to the beginning of the Course the entire fee will become non-refundable.

    • I understand that Lynn Andrews, Lynn Andrews Productions and/or individuals associated with Lynn Andrews Productions are not licensed medical or mental health care providers; that neither Lynn Andrews, Lynn Andrews Productions nor the individuals associated with Lynn Andrews Productions diagnoses or provides any advice or technique as a form of treatment for medical or mental health problems; and I further understand that it is my responsibility to consult with my medical and/or mental health provider(s) for any condition(s) for which I am under or may need such treatment.

    • I understand that Lynn Andrews, Lynn Andrews Productions, any individual, and/or any organization associated with Lynn Andrews Productions, are not responsible for, and I release them from liability for any loss or other mishaps that might occur, in connection with this Online Course, including any loss or mishaps that may occur as a result of my failure to seek and follow medical or mental health care from my licensed medical professional. I am fully responsible for my own experience.

    • I understand that this is an ONLINE Course and that I MUST have an email address and access to a computer in order to download the Course materials, complete assignments, receive important course information. Online discussions are done within a sacred forum that uses a SECRET Facebook page. I understand that I must have a “personal Facebook page” if I wish to be given access to this sacred forum.
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