Agreement for Appraisal Services
  • The Client hereby agrees to employ Priority Appraisal Services (Appraiser)
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  • All sums due hereunder shall be paid on delivery of the Appraisal Report to Client, and are payable in the County of Appraiser's principal residence. The Appraiser's fee is in no way based on the opinion of value of the appraised property, and all sums hereunder are due and payable regardless of the amount of the opinion of value. In the event it is necessary to employ an attorney to collect any sums due herein, Client agrees to pay reasonable attorney's fees and court costs expended by Appraiser.
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  • AUTHORITY. Appraiser and his subcontractors are hereby authorized to make on-site inspections of subject property at all reasonable times to obtain supporting property data, including but not limited to: Building plans, plats, deeds, legal descriptions, abstracts, income and expense data, leases, options. Further to interview Client's attorneys, accountants, managers, agents, present and prospective tenants. To be furnished copies of relevant information, to copy same and use as documentation for the Appraisal Report. To obtain such information that in the Appraiser's judgment may be relevant to the appraisal. CLIENT'S AUTHORITY to execute this agreement is hereby warranted, and that client is either owner of the subject property or has authority of the owner to enter into this agreement.

    CONDITIONS. The Appraisal Report shall be subject to Appraiser's conditions and limitations standard form or as shown on attachment hereto. The Appraisal Report will be prepared for the sole and exclusive use of the Client, and shall not be reproduced, printed or distributed in any manner without written consent of appraiser, as it consists of "trade secrets and commercial and financial information" which is privileged and confidential and exempted from disclosure under 5USC(b)(4).

    WARRANTIES AND INDEMNITY. Appraiser does not make any warranties or guarantees of any kind regarding the condition of the property, sufficiency of title, areas and boundaries, mechanical and structural conditions of the improvements and with the agreement that the Appraisal Report represents Appraiser's opinion of value only, without any warranty that the property will sell for the appraised value. Client agrees to indemnify Appraiser, his employees and independent contractors from all claims, suits and charges of any nature that may arise out of this agreement.
  • By submitting this request the party/parties or company requesting this appraisal aknowledge responsibiliy for payment of these services.
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