• Passenger Details

    Please provide details for all passengers traveling with you (in the same cabin):
  • Legal name as on government issued identification.
  • Full Legal Name
  • Full Legal Name
  • Full Legal Name
  • Payment Details

    Please provide payment details below:
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    MINIMUM DEPOSIT is required today to confirm your reservation. (Deposit amounts vary by supplier. Please contact us if you have any questions). The MINIMUM DEPOSIT amount is included in the Quote we provided via email. Remaining balance must be paid in full prior to Final Due Date or if booking within 75 Days of Traveling.
  • Please enter the address that is on file with the card.
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  • This will be used for mailing any electronic documents or receipts related to your trip.
  • Authorization

  • As named Cardholder, I Authorize EBERSMITH TRAVEL and/or its travel supplier/partner to immediately charge my credit card in the above amount. This deposit will secure and confirm my vacation booking.
  • **Note that you may be able to purchase limited coverage up to 48 hours prior to travel. Contact us for more information. EBERSMITH TRAVEL will not be held liable for any financial losses incurred from failure to purchase insurance coverage. Insurance Premiums are always non-refundable.