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  • Please provide any comments or additional notes you would like added to your account. If you have received multiple estimates please provide the name of your approved contract.
  • By default this will give you up to $5.00 per lb per article in case on damage. You may decline this coverage and opt for the basic coverage of 60 cents per lb per article which is included with our service.

    A practical example to better illustrate the options. A dining table that weighs 200 lbs when the crew properly wrap and protect it when unwrapping at your new home, there is a scratch on the table top. Under the premium coverage, you would receive up to $1000 ($5.00 per lb x 200 lbs) towards repair or replacement. Using the same example and the basic coverage, you would receive up to $120 (60 cents per lb x 200 lbs) for the same table. As this is a weight based system, the heavier an item is, the more value it has under the system. There is also a $100 deductible on any claim made.
  • Credit Card Information

  • The accounting department will preauthorize your card for the amount of the estimate on the business day prior and process payment on that preauthorization on the business day following based on what occurs on move day.
  • If you have any questions regarding the booking process please feel free to contact your coordinator