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  • Brief Employment History

    Please tells us alittle about your previous job history. A more in depth application will be required at time of interview.
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  • Personal Information and Photo Upload

    Please fill out the boxes below to the best of your ability. Upload a head shot of yourself and give us a brief reason why you fill you are the ideal person for the position your applying for.
  • The facts set forth in my application are true and complete. I authorize the investigation of all statements contained in this application and hereby authorize my former employers to furnish all information pertaining to my work record. I hereby release my former employers from all liability on account of furnishing such information. I understand that false statements on this application shall be considered sufficient cause for refusal to hire, or dismissal and I agree that my employer shall not be held liable in any respect if my employment is terminated because of such omissions or false or misleading statements. Cantina Sol is hereby authorized to investigate my employment history, including the contacting of the employers previously listed. I understand that I may be requested to take a drug test prior to hiring. I authorize Cantina Sol to perform a background and credit check as a means of validating the above information
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