Adventure Riding GPS Tracks Order Form
This is for a Adventure Bikes Only

Some roads/ tracks may be closed or blocked. This is not our fault and we will not be held responsible. Please find your way around or clear the road/track. If this happens, please provide feedback to me so that I can either change the road/track or clear the blocked road at a later date.

Tracks will start and finish at the same place as specified below.

All tracks will be emailed to you (once payment is received) 2 days prior to your ride date.

Please allow 3 Days to design your track.
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  • Please provide the starting area. This may be a known area or a GPS Waypoint
  • Please provide the ending area. This may be a known area or a GPS Waypoint. Leave Blank if this is the same as the starting area
  • Please provide the the distance in Km that you would like to ride. Please note, this will be GPS Km and will not include back tracking or missing turns on the track. This is an average only. GPS Km's are always 10% less than bike Km's.
  • Bank Details for Bank Transfer
    Name - Trail Master, BSB 032016, Account - 512533

    Payment must be received before any tracks will be emailed to you. All orders with no payment for more than 3 days, will be cancelled.

    Please put you Name and Surname in your bank transfer description.

    Please note, if you cancel the Paypal payment process, your order will be cancelled and you have to complete the form again.