YCFF Guide Trip Information Request Form
  • Note that bookings are not set in stone until we have a conversation and you place a deposit. If you select "book it," we will pencil you in temporarily (assuming we have guides available) pending a conversation and deposit.
  • An approximate number is okay if you're not sure yet.

    Note that most trips with more than two or in some cases three clients require additional guides.
  • Please note that we do not accept clients younger than age 10.
  • This is the single most important question on this form if you're interested in a walk-wade trip, because nothing is worse for everybody than taking a client to a spot he/she did not disclose would be too rough.
  • We will stick to gentler sections of rivers and lakes with clients who do not know how to swim. On boat trips, non-swimmers will be required to wear life jackets.
  • Whitewater? Heights? Bears? Snakes? Those are listed in decreasing likelihood.
  • The timing of our seasons varies a bit from year to year and depends on temperature, how much it snowed in the previous winter, and how quick this snow melts/melted from April-June. The season is the single most important factor in which waters are available in both a legal and a "what is likely to fish well" sense.
  • Note that we are a small operation and book up quick, so the more specific your date requirements the more important it is to book early.
  • Note that certain techniques work best on certain waters, at certain times of year, and with certain weather/water conditions. Flexibility makes for the best days. We do not guarantee we'll be able to use your preferred techniques.
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