Frontline Associate of the Year Nomination Form
This award is designed to recognize an individual who has made a significant contribution to the tourism industry and the support of Sandusky County. This is a for a non-management person who works a frontline position such as a waiter, hotel front desk clerk, store clerk, etc.


1. The nominee must work in Sandusky County. They work in a business or volunteer in a group that brings people to the community to enjoy events, attractions, shops, accommodations and other aspects of the tourism industry.

2. The nominee is well-rounded in their commitment to tourism through community, employment and volunteerism. Above all, the nominee looks first at what they can do for Sandusky County.

3. The nominee has demonstrated extensive and diverse participation, leadership and support in public and/or private tourism endeavors.

4. The nominee demonstrates true collaboration with other entities and believes in partnerships.
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