ANA Gerome Walton Memorial Scholarship

The following questions are designed to collect information about your background, your interests and your future plans. Your answers to these questions will be used only in connection with your application for this scholarship program and will be divulged only to qualified people who must see them in the course of their duties. The selection of a scholarship recipient will be influenced by the completeness of replies and the neatness of the presentation.
  • Section 1:(Biographical Information)

    You- The Applicant:
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  • Your Family

  • Section 2: (Education)

    List in chronological order all schools attended in the last four years, include any summer or special courses.
  • Please include the name of the school; the city and state in which it is located; and the dates attended
  • Please include the name, location and amount you have applied for
  • Section 3: (ANA Involvement)

  • Section 4: (Numismatic Interests)

  • Section 5: (Involvement and Leadership)

  • Section 6: (Finances)

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  • Please have sealed transcripts sent to:
    ANA College Scholarship Committee
    c/o Rod Gillis
    818 N. Cascade Avenue
    Colorado Springs, CO 80903
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