What's Buzz B-Gone?

Buzz B-Gone is a quiet and efficient UV LED mosquito trap according to the manufacturer. The UV light attracts the mosquitoes directly. The mosquito repellent device can be used individually in the garden or at home. By using it, mosquito bites should be prevented. Mosquito bites are not only very annoying, they can also have a negative effect on health if they become infected.

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Why do I need this mosquito repellent?

You will certainly have more mosquito bites in summer, which will not let you sleep at night. Mosquito bites can get infected by scratching and thus cause problems for your health. To avoid being bitten in the first place, you could spray yourself with an insect spray. These sprays also help keep mosquitoes away, but are not good for your health. These are poisons that are absorbed through your skin or lungs. Much better is a mosquito repellent that works without chemicals. This mosquito repellent works on a UV light basis and cannot cause health problems. Mosquito bites are therefore a thing of the past and you can sleep much more peacefully.
The Buzz B-Gone mosquito repellent is a light and small device that attracts and kills insects. A 360-degree suction fan is used to catch them. The device catches and kills the mosquitoes without the use of chemicals. Therefore the device works very safely if pets or children live in the household. If the unit is used regularly, mosquito bites are avoided. Due to the compact design, it is possible to take the mosquito repellent Buzz B-Gone with you on vacation or to the campsite. The device not only eliminates mosquitoes, but also other annoying insects that romp around on the balcony or terrace. 

Buzz B-Gone

Buzz B-Gone evaluation and recommendation

The mosquito repellent Buzz B-Gone is not only suitable for indoors. The device is also very useful on the campsite. During operation the mosquito repellent emits a UV light. Only a very soft buzzing can be heard. This buzzing is caused by the fan. The power supply is provided by a USB cable, which supplies the mosquito repellent with power. To free the mosquito repellent from the dead mosquitoes, the small cylinder located in the upper part of the device can be removed. The mosquitoes can easily be knocked out and disposed of. If you set up several Buzz B-Gone units in the house and outdoors, you will not have mosquito bites in the future. 
  • No use of chemicals
  • Quiet noise level
  • Can be used for a wide variety of insects
  • Works with UV light
  • Fast charging via USB


Buzz B-Gone technical facts

  • Removable cylinder
  • 360 degree suction fan
  • Drainage compartment
  • Soft UV light
  • Quiet operation
  • Dimensions: 130 x 190 mm
  • Weight: 275 g
  • Power: 5 W
  • voltage: 5V-1A


What are the Buzz B-Gone quality features?

The mosquito repellent Buzz B-Gone has not yet been tested by Stiftung Warentest und Ökotest. You can find some external tests and customer opinions on the internet. So you can get your own picture of the Buzz B-Gone. In general the customer reviews are very positive. 
The Buzz B-Gone is not manufactured in Germany. The compact devices come from Hong Kong. The mosquito repellent has been manufactured to a high standard and can be used for many years. During operation the Buzz B-Gone only needs 5 watts. The mosquito repellent must simply be connected to a power source. To get the best result you have to let it run for about 12 hours. In between you should remember to clean the filter. You can do this by picking up the floor and turning it counterclockwise. The floor will come loose and the interior can be cleaned with a soft cloth. 

General Buzz B-Gone opinions

The mosquito repellent Buzz B-Gone works very quietly. Therefore the device can be used everywhere to catch mosquitoes and other insects. Mosquitoes can be very annoying if you want to enjoy a barbecue in the evening. Lemon scented candles or other household remedies are not very efficient in repelling mosquitoes outside. According to the manufacturer, it is essentially safe to use the Buzz B-Gone device. The mosquitoes are immediately attracted to the UV light and are killed. The animals do not have to suffer and you are optimally protected against mosquito bites. 
Many customers are very satisfied with the Buzz B-Gone device. They were especially enthusiastic about how many mosquitoes can be caught by the device in a very short time. The simple operation is also well received by the buyers. Many buyers have bought several devices at once, which were set up in the children's and living room and in the garden. In the worst case, mosquitoes can transmit diseases like encephalitis, yellow fever, malaria, dengeue fever, zika and West Nile virus. Accordingly, you should protect yourself from them as much as possible. You can find more customer experiences via this link! *

Where can I order Buzz B-Gone?

You should only order the Buzz B-Gone directly from the manufacturer. This way you can be sure that you get the original device. This is not always the case with foreign shops. It can happen that you receive a mosquito repellent device that looks similar but does not meet the same requirements. If you decide to buy a Buzz B-Gone, you can pay with Paypal, Visa, Amex or Mastercard. 
The manufacturer offers you a discount of up to 50% when you buy a Buzz B-Gone. If you buy two units, you get one more unit for free. Otherwise, you can take advantage of the offer to save up to 45% off your purchase. If you buy five devices, the manufacturer offers you a discount of 55%. discount. For this reason, it is a good idea to ask your friends or family members in advance if they would like to buy a mosquito repellent. The more devices you buy, the cheaper the Buzz B-Gone will be in the unit price. 


Who is the supplier of the product?
If you would like to contact the manufacturer, there are many different ways to do so, such as e-mail or telephone. The following data were found on the manufacturer's site: 
Think Tech Sales Limited
Rm 709B, 
7/F, Opulent Building
402-406 Hennessy Road
WAN CHAI, Hong Kong
By phone: 0800 6310 000
By email: support@buzzbgone.com
Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 9 to 5 pm


General information about mosquito repellent
When it gets warmer outside, there is a real mosquito plague outside. Everywhere the little plague-plagues buzz around and bite anyone who has not protected himself sufficiently. Mosquitoes can spoil a barbecue evening if mosquitoes are constantly circling around you. Sleeping is also out of the question when a mosquito is circling around the room. As soon as the light is turned on, the mosquito is gone. If you want to lie down again, you can hear a loud buzzing. This can cause sleep disturbances in summer, which can have a negative effect on your health.
To protect yourself from mosquitoes in summer, there are many different possibilities. Many garden owners use chemical mosquito repellent products to protect themselves from the bites. However, many of these products are poisonous and can even be carcinogenic. In addition, these products give off a very unpleasant smell that can cause nausea or headaches. To protect against mosquitoes, it is advisable to put fly screens on all windows and the patio door. This prevents small insects from entering the house. Even long clothing can ensure that a mosquito or other insects cannot bite. However, long clothing is not very comfortable to wear in midsummer. 
An electric fly swatter is also a good way to protect yourself from mosquitoes. A small disadvantage is that you have to actively hunt mosquitoes for it. This means that you are more busy chasing the mosquitoes away from the table than you are looking after your guests. Devices such as the Buzz B-Gone mosquito catcher work independently. All you have to do is charge and set it up. After two hours you should lift the lid once to check how many mosquitoes you have caught. According to the manufacturer, a large number of mosquitoes should have accumulated inside the device. You can easily shake out the dead mosquitoes so that there is room for new captured mosquitoes. 


Known FAQ about this product
How can you protect yourself from midges?
Frequent showers and long clothes can make sure that you are not bitten by mosquitoes. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, especially at the height of summer. Showering is also only a short-term way to keep mosquitoes away from your body. According to the manufacturer, it is much easier and safer to use Buzz B-Gone. 
What advantages does Buzz B-Gone offer?
The device Buzz B-Gone can be used individually in outdoor and indoor areas. You need only little space. Once charged, the Buzz B-Gone provides long lasting protection, according to the manufacturer. The Buzz B-Gone does not use any chemicals. So you do not have to worry about your health. A big advantage is that you only have to switch the device on. There are no complicated settings. Some mosquito repellent products cause unpleasant odors or loud buzzing sounds. This is not the case with the Buzz B-Gone device. The compact mosquito repellent device works not only almost silently, but also odorless.
How does the Buzz B-Gone work?
The insect repellent device Buzz B-Gone works with a UV light. It has been proven that mosquitoes are quickly attracted by this light. Through a cylindrical funnel they are caught in the device and die very quickly. The animals do not have to suffer long with this device. Since there are no side effects with the Buzz B-Gone, you can place it anywhere. For example, you can place it in the children's room or bedroom in summer. This ensures that you can sleep more undisturbed at night. 

Can mosquitoes transmit diseases?
Not every mosquito bite is harmless. Some mosquitoes actually transmit some diseases via saliva that could be dangerous for you. Not only malaria, but also the Zika virus or dengue fever are transmitted by the bite of a mosquito. So far there is no possibility to get vaccinated against dengue fever. But also diseases like bush or jungle fever as well as yellow fever can become very dangerous for people. These diseases are often transmitted from animals to mosquitoes and thus to humans. If you do not protect yourself sufficiently against mosquitoes in some areas, this can have serious consequences for your health. 

Where would you buy the Buzz B-Gone insect repellent?
The Buzz B-Gone device should only be ordered online from the manufacturer. Currently the manufacturer offers you not only a good discount, but also free shipping. If, contrary to expectations, you are not satisfied with the device, you can easily return it to the manufacturer. You have a 30-day money-back guarantee at your disposal. So you do not take a big risk with the purchase. 

Who is the manufacturer of Buzz B-Gone?
This is a producer from Hong Kong. According to his website, he has made it his mission to make devices that will protect you and your family from harm. For this reason, he has created a user-friendly device that will help you avoid being bothered by unwanted vermin or insects. The device is relatively easy to use and is independent of dirt. It works without the use of chemicals, so that it can be safely placed in the children's room. 

Why is Buzz B-Gone recommended?
On the Internet you will find many customer opinions about the mosquito repellent device, which are all very positive. This is mainly due to the fact that the manufacturer offers a first-class customer service. But the device is also praised by many buyers. It offers a high quality standard and is sufficiently checked for reliability and functionality before shipping. After switching it on, the UV light will clean your surroundings from insects. They are magically attracted to the light and killed. You do not have to be constantly concerned with keeping mosquitoes or other insects away from the table or your body during your stay outdoors to prevent mosquito bites.
What should you pay attention to when using the device?
To get a good result, you should let the device run for at least 12 hours. After use or in between, remember to clean the filter. To do this, simply unscrew the lid and wipe the filter with a soft cloth.

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