What is ClipperPro?

The ClipperPro is a nail clipper which at first glance only differs from other clippers in its appearance. However, it is a particularly handy nail clipper. The nail clipper itself is surrounded by a handle made of synthetic polymer plastic. This is intended to make easy and ergonomic handling possible. The blade of the clipper, which is made of 100 percent surgical steel, can be swivelled 180 degrees from left to right and vice versa. This is intended to ensure safety when cutting finger and toe nails and also contributes to better handling.

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Why do I need this nail clipper?

The finger and toe nails of every human being grow. For most people it is one millimeter per week for fingernails and one millimeter per month for toenails. So in fact, everyone has to cut their nails regularly. The ClipperPro is therefore aimed at all people - but especially at those who are looking for an alternative to nail scissors and nail files.
Specifically, the supplier of the ClipperPro repeatedly points out that the nail clipper is ideally suited for fragile or arthritic hands and is therefore particularly aimed at older people who have problems with the classic nail clipper for cutting finger and toe nails.



ClipperPro evaluation and recommendation

With blades made of 100 percent surgical steel, the ClipperPro receives the necessary cutting power and can ensure a correspondingly clean cut when cutting finger and toe nails. The ergonomic handle made of synthetic polymer plastic allows the nail clipper to sit optimally in the hand. In addition, the handle can be used to generate the ideal pressure to neatly nip off even thick toenails. The 180 degree rotating blade also contributes to ergonomic handling. If necessary, the nail clipper can be adjusted to the left or right while the handle continues to point forward. This allows optimum pressure to be exerted without the user having to dislocate himself. All in all, this results in a special ease of movement, which makes nail cutting uncomplicated and fast. All in all, with regard to the technical facts of the ClipperPro, it appears to be a solid product that is not yet available in this form on the German market. Insofar as the manufacturer's information is correct and the customer reviews are trustworthy, the ClipperPro is an interesting option for anyone who wants to cut their nails in an uncomplicated way and with as little effort as possible.


ClipperPro: Technical facts

  • Blades made of 100 % surgical steel
  • ergonomic handle made of synthetic polymer plastic
  • 180-degree rotation knife
  • particularly smooth-running


What are the ClipperPro quality features?

According to the supplier, the ClipperPro was developed by surgeons working in orthopaedics. Consequently, it can be assumed that the product does not only deliver what it promises. It can also be assumed that the nail clipper is indeed an innovative product that has not been available in this form before and that it makes it much easier to cut finger and toe nails.
One of the quality features of the ClipperPro is that it is a brand recommended by doctors. In addition, the product was awarded the "Global innovation awards". There are no other seals or certificates that emphasize the quality of the nail clipper.
The fact that the supplier of the ClipperPro offers a 30-day money-back guarantee speaks for the quality of the clipper. If you are not satisfied with the ClipperPro, you can return it within the first month of your order. If the supplier was not convinced of the quality of the product, he would not make such an offer to his customers.
The provider also seems to attach great importance to the security of its customer data. He promises secure payment. This should be possible thanks to 156-bit SSL encryption. This is to transmit your data, which you enter when ordering, encrypted to the provider. This prevents third parties, such as data thieves or hackers, from accessing your data and misusing it. Furthermore, the possible payment options speak for the security of the order process. Since you can only pay with PayPal or credit card, you do not have to provide sensitive account information that could be used by shady people.

General ClipperPro opinions

Some reviews have been published on the website of the provider. Most of them are very positive. The customers are enthusiastic about the easy handling. They report that they can reach and trim their toenails much better with the ClipperPro. The reason for this is, on the one hand, the comfortable handle, which makes it easier to press the nails. On the other hand, the nail clipper is particularly sharp and precise due to its blades made of surgical steel.
Some customers bring their arthritis to the fore in their testimonials. They report that they were no longer able to trim their finger and toe nails properly because of this condition. Thanks to the ClipperPro, however, sharp-edged, torn and ingrown toenails are now a thing of the past. At the same time it is emphasized that although the product costs more than other nail clippers, in the long run the ClipperPro is worth the money and could even replace regular manicures.
Further customer opinions can be found directly on the sales page of the provider. The customers confirm that the nail clipper works exactly as described by the supplier. Some even think that the ClipperPro is the best nail clipper they have ever used. Especially the comfortable handling and the easy handling are positively emphasized. You can find more customer experiences via this link! *

Where can I order ClipperPro?

You can order the ClipperPro on the website of the official supplier. The nail clipper is not yet available on Amazon or eBay. If you take a look around the website, you will find comprehensive information, field reports and technical facts.
As soon as you go to the offer page, you can choose the desired order quantity. You can buy up to four ClipperPros in one order. Basically, the more nail clippers you buy, the lower the unit price. However, you will already receive a 50 percent discount when you buy a clipper. If you buy two, three or four, the discount is already a little more than 50 percent.
Once you have selected the order quantity, you will see a summary of the costs incurred. In addition to the ClipperPro, you have to expect shipping costs. Depending on the number of pieces, these costs are between 10.95 Euro and 13.95 Euro.
If you are satisfied with the total amount to pay, you can already pay - if you want to use PayPal. All necessary information about your person and shipping address will be taken from your PayPal account. If you want to pay by credit card, simply click on "Checkout". Now enter your credit card information, your contact details and your address and with a click on the green button at the bottom of the page, your order will be sent to the merchant.


Who is the supplier of the product?
Azurro Group
1855 1st Ave, #Ste 103
Sand Diego
CA 92101
Return address:
Quic Industries
13507 Can Nuys BI #4910
CA 91331-4910
E-mail: support@shopclipperpro.com


General information about nail clippers
The nail clipper was invented by Chapel Carter and is used for the care of fingernails and toenails. The nail clipper, which is constructed like a pair of pliers, has two concave blades at its tip. They face each other in parallel.
Unlike the nail scissors, the nail clipper does not cut the toenails and fingernails. It removes the nail part as a whole by "clipping off" it. A big advantage compared to the nail scissors is that the nail clipper does not or only a few tears in the horn plate. The reason for this is that the nail clipper exerts the pressure evenly on the nail part to be removed due to its parallel blades.
Another advantage over the classic nail scissors is that the nail cutter is suitable for both right- and left-handed people due to its symmetrical design. However, it cannot be guided as easily as the scissors.
After shortening the finger and toe nails with a nail clipper such as the ClipperPro, they can be shaped with a nail file. You can choose from the following options:
  • Glass nail file
  • Metal or sapphire nail file
  • Cardboard nail file
  • multi-phase nail files
Afterwards the cuticle can be removed and pushed back if necessary. This is possible with a modern manicure and pedicure set. Alternatively, a classic cuticle nipper or cuticle knife can be used.
Once this is done, you can smooth the surface of your nails with a multi-phase nail file. However, you should only do this every four to six weeks. Then you can rub your fingernails with nail oil to strengthen them.


Known FAQ about this product 
In the course of our research on nail clippers and especially on the ClipperPro, we came across a number of questions that are asked particularly frequently. In the following we would like to answer these questions in detail.
How does a nail clipper work?
A nail clipper is used to shorten the finger and toe nails by applying pressure to a small lever. As with the ClipperPro, this lever is usually located on the upper side of the clipper.
Who invented the nail clipper?
In 1896 the nail clipper is said to have been invented by Chapel Carter.
How often should you cut your fingernails?
How often the cutting of fingernails is necessary depends strongly on their growth. On average, fingernails grow by one millimetre per week. In some cases, however, they can grow a little faster or slower.
It also always depends on the nail length you prefer. As a rule, however, it can be assumed that the fingernails must be cut at least once a week.
How often should you trim your toenails?
Toenails grow much more slowly than fingernails. They grow about one millimeter within a month. As they are supposed to protect the sensitive tip of the toes from friction, pressure and injuries, they must not be cut too short. Therefore it is usually sufficient to trim the toenails every two weeks.
How to cut the fingernails correctly?
First, make sure that the fingernails are completely dry. Damp nails tend to crack when they are cut. Now you can apply the nail clipper and shorten the nails to the desired length. Then you can correct rough corners and uneven edges with a suitable nail file and file the nails to the desired shape.
How do you trim your toenails properly?
Toenails should not be shortened in curved form, but always in straight form. In this way you can prevent the nail from growing into the surrounding skin. To achieve a straight edge, you either need a nail clipper like the ClipperPro, which also makes straight edges possible. Or you can use a curved nail clipper to work your way from one end of the nail to the other.
What is the best way to care for the nails?
Ideally you should rub your finger and toe nails twice a day with a little nail oil or nail cream. You should also not neglect your nail bed here. This will protect the nail and cuticle from drying out or even tearing.

How often can I polish my fingernails and toenails?

To make the nail surface smooth and without grooves, it can be polished regularly. All you need is a nail file designed for polishing. However, you should keep in mind that with each polishing process a thin layer of the nail is removed. Therefore you should not repeat this procedure too often. It is recommended to polish the finger and toe nails at most every four weeks - however, a six-week rhythm is better.

What type of nails is the ClipperPro suitable for?

The ClipperPro is the ultimate nail clipper for all types of nails. You can use it not only to trim your fingernails, but of course also your toenails. It doesn't matter how thick your nails are, because you can exert great pressure due to the strong grip.

Does the blade stop when it has been turned into the correct position?

To make nail cutting as easy as possible, the blade of the ClipperPro can be turned 180 degrees. To prevent the blade from rotating to a different position when cutting, it must be turned 90 degrees to the left side when cutting fingernails with the left hand. If the fingernails of the right hand are then cut, the blade is turned 180 degrees to the right. The same is of course true for cutting the toenails. Alternatively, the blade can always point forward.

How much effort is required to shorten the nails with the ClipperPro?

The high-quality blades and ergonomic design of the nail cutter make nail cutting possible without much effort. This seems to be an important aspect for the supplier, as the product is also aimed at people with arthritis or with muscle and joint pain.


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