What are iHeadphones?

Wireless headphones have become a must-have for many people and sales figures are skyrocketing even before Christmas. The product iHeadphones also falls into the category of wireless headphones, which can completely do without a cable connection. This applies both to the headphones themselves and to the connection to the smartphone, computer or tablet via cable. According to the manufacturer, the transmission is completely via Bluetooth, so all you have to do before you buy is check whether your devices have this feature. The headphones are compatible with Android and iPhone. The manufacturer promises that in the future you won't have to buy the most expensive headphones to enjoy high wireless sound quality. 

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Why do I need these headphones?

Although the wireless headphones presented here are currently very popular with the younger generations, the target group for this product includes all people who use headphones regularly. In direct comparison to the models offered with cables, the first few seconds alone save time, as the typical unwinding and unknotting of the headphone cable is no longer necessary. The iHeadphones only need to be taken out of the case and are ready for use immediately with a charged battery. 
The manufacturer also mentions the benefits of an active lifestyle in connection with the headphones for Android and iPhone. At The manufacturer also mentions the benefits of an active lifestyle in connection with the headphones for Android and iPhone. When jogging or even in the gym, the cables tend to get tangled up and pull the headphones out of your ears rather roughly. Plus, with wireless headphones, no more cables can get caught in the zips of your jacket. This has already shortened the life of many classic headphones and forced their owners to buy new ones. When jogging or in the gym, cables can get caught in the zips of your jacket and pull the headphones out of your ears rather roughly. And with wireless headphones, no more cables can get caught in the zippers of your jacket. This has already shortened the life of many classic headphones and forced their owners to buy new ones. 


iHeadphones evaluation and recommendation

The functionality of the wireless headphones is explained very quickly and should not cause you any problems, as long as you have already transferred data via Bluetooth before. According to the manufacturer, Android and iPhone usually connect without problems, so there are no delays. This is also very important if you want to transfer the sound of videos, series or movies wirelessly. The action on the screen and the sound from the two individual headphones should match 100%. In addition, the headphones also work during telephone calls. While the phone's microphone transmits the sound of your voice, you can hear the caller's voice through the headphones, so not everyone can hear what the caller has to say right away.
Also practical is the compatibility with iOS, Android and iPhone promised by the manufacturer. And if at some point you're no longer satisfied with your current phone, iHeadphones still give you the choice of buying your new phone. The same goes for tablets or other electronic devices, which are supposed to be even more comfortable to use with the presented wireless headphones. Another advantage is the long battery life. Once fully charged, the manufacturer guarantees you 8 hours of performance. If the bus ride takes longer or the train is late, you won't lose your good mood and can continue to listen to music or an audio book.


iHeadphones technical facts

  • Suitable for iOS and Android 
  • Battery life up to 8 hours 
  • Available in a total of 6 colours 
  • Transmission via Bluetooth 
  • Display of the residual energy on the cover 

iHeadphones test and quality features

The company, which is responsible for the distribution of the radio headsets, is based in Madrid. As Spain is part of the European Union, this gives you the right to exchange the goods for 14 days. When you receive the goods, it is always advisable to check the wireless headphones carefully and to check for possible defects or damage. If you find them damaged, it is advisable to exchange them, as moisture can get into the inside of the wireless headphones for Android and iPhone through cracks. The use outdoors and for sports would be strongly limited. 

iHeadphones opinions and experiences

The iHeadphones present themselves very well thought out when you look at the individual details and technical facts. The long battery life in Bluetooth transmission is particularly noticeable. If you still go to school or university, there is usually no possibility to supply the decreasing battery with new energy. Even at the workplace, some bosses react with warnings as soon as employees use the power in the office for private purposes. With wireless headphones, however, it should be easy to wait until you get home to recharge. This is also true because, compared to a mobile phone, the type of sound has no influence on battery consumption. A song therefore consumes the same energy per minute as a video or the sound of an app for the same duration.
The colour concept of the manufacturer is also very well received by existing buyers. There is a choice of classics such as white and black:
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Blue and
  • Green
If you only want to use wireless headphones for Android and iPhone that perfectly match your smartphone, your clothes or your hair color, you have the best chance to find what you are looking for quickly with this selection. In addition, many of the buyers praise the fit in their ears. Even when walking on uneven forest ground, the two headphones won't slip or fall out of your ears. The risk of losing the headphones unnoticed is therefore rather low. However, the colourful tones are also practical in this context, so that you don't have to search for the headphones on the ground for a long time. You can find more customer experiences via this link! *

Where can I buy iHeadphones?

The iHeadphones are currently available via the website set up by ecomerzpro. If you want to be on the safe side and guarantee to receive an original product for Android and iPhone, this is the safest way. On other websites and shops it can not be excluded that the products are counterfeit. This is also very difficult to detect as the scammers use the images of the headphones for Android and iPhone with Bluetooth to deliberately deceive the buyers.
Buying on the website is also the first port of call for discount promotions and other discounts. Currently, they offer up to 50% off the purchase of a single pair of wireless headphones or a set. The sets contain either two or three pairs of headphones and are therefore also suitable as gifts for siblings or friends. You can pay on the website either with credit cards like Visa and Mastercard or easily via PayPal. Your data is encrypted so that no unauthorized person can access it during the payment process.


Who is the supplier of the product?
The product is sold by the company ECOMM Movadgency S.L.
If you have any questions regarding orders, please visit the following page: https://ecomerzpro.net/faq.html


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