What is Oshenwatch?

The Oshenwatch falls into both the Smartwatch and Health Tracker categories. The watch is simply worn on the wrist. There the watch automatically starts recording values such as pulse and blood pressure. In addition, the Smartwatch is not worth taking it off during the night. During your sleep the Oshenwatch continues to record and can use the knowledge gained to evaluate your sleep. If you often feel exhausted after waking up and only recovered a little, the Oshenwatch can give you first clues where the problem is hidden.
In addition to these functions for improving fitness and sleep quality, its use as a Smartwatch is not neglected. With the Oshenwatch you can read the time, count your steps per day or answer the phone. If you are looking for a product that combines these features in a handy design, it is worthwhile to study the following guide to this product.

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Why do I need this fitness tracker?

The Oshenwatch health tracker is not only offered for athletes. Rather, the Smartwatch can be worn by people of all ages. Athletes keep an eye on their most important body values with the watches as well as working people who, due to rising blood pressure, can better estimate when the time has come for a short break. A third target group is people with sleep problems. Often, medication is taken far too early, as the cause of the problems is not known. The Oshenwatch records values during sleep and can use this information to determine if and how long the wearers reach the restful REM sleep phase.



Oshenwatch evaluation and recommendation

When used as a health tracker, you have the advantage that the Smartwatch is not as conspicuous as devices worn on the upper arm. If you want to wear the Oshenwatch all day long, it works on your wrist like a regular digital watch and is therefore not perceived as inappropriate or disturbing at work. The recording of blood pressure or heart rate is also done quietly. If you are annoyed by a colleague or a family member, the increased blood pressure is not immediately visible to everyone via a signal tone.
In addition, the health tracker does not encourage excessive exercise overnight like other apps or programs. The Oshenwatch picks you up more on your current fitness level and shows you how much or little you are currently exercising. Which conclusions you want to draw from this, for example to take more steps per day or to burn calories, is up to you. 


Oshenwatch technical facts

  • Smartwatch to measure heart rate and other values 
  • Keeps a record of sleep patterns 
  • 4.1 Bluetooth technology 
  • Battery is charged via USB cable 
  • Synchronizable with Android and iOS


Oshenwatch test

In order to take a closer look at the quality features of the Smartwatch, it is first of all important to find out more about the production site of the watches. With regard to the Oshenwatch this is much less easy than it is helpful for the buyers. The manufacturer of the watches is from Hong Kong. Whether the fitness trackers are also made in Asia or produced in another part of the world is not to be found in the description or other information provided by the manufacturer. More transparency would be an important point to give the buyers more insight into the type and quality of production.
A plus point of the Oshenwatch, which is also one of the quality features, is the use of a powerful battery. In the daily use of the Smartwatch it is not necessary to bother to recharge the battery every day. Once fully charged, the average use is enough for up to 96 hours at a time. For recharging you do not need a charger, but simply a USB cable. This allows you to work or watch a movie on your laptop and at the same time supply the Oshenwatch with new energy on one of the USB ports of the device.

General Oshenwatch opinions

In the opinions about this product, the simple synchronization with other computers or smartphones is mentioned again and again. The Smartwatch is compatible with iOS or Android operating systems. This makes it easier to keep track of your fitness with the mobile phone or tablet you already own. In the apps you have a detailed overview of your current values as well as the development of the past days, weeks and months. So you can see at a glance whether it is just a recurring low or whether your fitness has actually suffered due to stress or other factors in the past. 
People who have already bought the Oshenwatch and have been using it for some time are overwhelmingly positive about the Smartwatch. Wearing the watch and recording is not associated with any pain or other negative effects. A few buyers, however, find the small display a disadvantage in everyday life. During sports, it is not always easy to read values such as the current heart rate, so the mobile phone is needed to enlarge the display. You can find more customer experiences via this link! *

Where can I buy Oshenwatch?

Currently, the Oshenwatch health tracker is preferably available on the manufacturer's website, which has been especially set up for this purpose. This has both advantages and disadvantages for you in terms of purchasing it. Due to the manageable sources of supply, the manufacturer can largely determine the price of the Smartwatch freely. This does not necessarily mean that you have to buy the watches at an overpriced price. On the other hand, it protects the manufacturers from having to sell their products at prices that are almost without profit. 
One of the obvious advantages of buying on the website is the guarantee of receiving an original product. In recent years, some black sheep have also tried to make fraudulent profits with a fake Smartwatch. Often products are used that resemble watches like the Oshenwatch in every detail. The danger with these products is often the installation of a very cheap battery. If you wear these imitations on your wrist while the battery is inflated by too much heat, this bad purchase can even cause injuries.
On the website of the manufacturer the Oshenwatch is not only sold as original, but currently also at low prices. At the moment there are four different offers available. In these you have the choice to buy either a single Smartwatch or up to four of the health trackers in a set. On each of these four offers there is currently a discount between 25 and 50 %. If you plan to surprise your friends and relatives with an Oshenwatch, you will receive almost half of the content in the sets for free. 
For payment you must have either a credit card or a PayPal account. Credit cards accepted on the website include Amex, Visa, Mastercard and Discover. The alternative payment via PayPal is also an option if you either do not have a credit card or do not want to use it for payment. The payment information is encrypted on the website, so you don't have to worry about it falling into the hands of third parties. Payment on account is not offered for this product when buying a Smartwatch or a set. 


Who is the supplier of the product?
Profile of the manufacturer
Name: Strong Current Enterprises Limited 
68308 G/F Kowloon East Building
12 Lei Yue Mun Road 
Kwung Tong 
Country of origin: Hongkong 
Homepage: https://www.buyoshenwatch.com/ *

As with many products of this type, it is not immediately obvious to the health tracker Oshenwatch whether Strong Current Enterprises Limited is only responsible for international sales or is also involved in production. However, this fact alone does not put you at a disadvantage as a buyer of the Smartwatch. All orders and returns are handled by the Hong Kong company.
If you have any questions or wish to exercise your right of return, customer service is also handled entirely by Strong Current Enterprises Limited. If you intend to return the Oshenwatch, it is advisable to contact us by email first. This caution pays off, because the address on the package is not always the return address. If you send the package to the right address, you will save the shipping costs to Asia twice.
The manufacturer, on the other hand, is very easy to reach. The easiest way to contact the manufacturer is to use the e-mail address provided. Telephone support is currently only offered for the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Ireland as well as Australia and New Zealand. Dialing the service numbers there can quickly become very expensive, while an e-mail only requires time to respond.


General information about the Fitness Tracker
In everyday life, it is becoming increasingly difficult to control how much you move each day. The result can be to have a slim figure, but still be out of breath after a few floors of stairs. For a better control over your own fitness, the offered fitness trackers should serve. The majority of the offered models are currently sold as Smartwatch. Wearing them on the wrist has several advantages. For one thing, the Smartwatch actually works like a watch, whereby the time can be read on the wrist just as quickly as the distance covered when jogging. 
The wrist is also the optimal choice for use as a health tracker. Here, pulse, blood pressure and heart rate can be recorded simultaneously and recorded via the included memory chip. The later analysis on the smartphone or computer shows exactly how your body reacts to physical exertion. After only a few days, this will give you a very detailed picture of your current fitness level. This serves as the basic value for a large part of all health trackers. You can build on this to get a fitness level step by step that can keep up with your life again.
The heart of a Smartwatch like the Oshenwatch is often not the watch itself, but the app offered by the manufacturers. In the app you can either keep track of several values or for example concentrate only on recording your sleep rhythm. The use of the apps is generally very intuitive. Technical laymen also have the chance to improve their fitness with the app as owners of an Oshenwatch Smartwatch, who are much more familiar with technology. 


Known FAQ about this product 
Can the Oshenwatch be synchronized with iOS and Android?
The Oshenwatch is compatible with both iOS and Android. The Smartwatch also works according to the Plug and Play principle. This means that you do not need to install the necessary driver yourself. In addition, the health tracker automatically starts transmitting the current data, which makes it very easy to use. 
Which values can be checked with the Fitness Tracker?
The fitness tracker Oshenwatch records, among other things, heart rate, pulse, blood pressure and sleep frequency. At the same time you can check at the end of the day how many steps have been taken or calories burned. 
Are different versions for women and men available?
The Smartwatch is part of the unisex offer. The watch, which is offered in black, is therefore suitable for both women and men. 
Does the manufacturer offer a right of return?
The manufacturer currently offers a 30-day return policy for the Oshenwatch. This starts from the day of delivery and can be claimed without giving reasons. 
How often must the battery be charged?
On average, a fully charged battery is suitable for continuous use for up to 96 hours. A USB cable is included in the scope of delivery for charging the battery. With this you can recharge the Smartwatch with health tracker at any time on your computer or other devices with a suitable USB port.
Is the Oshenwatch also suitable for water sports?
The Oshenwatch consists of robust glass and an aluminium housing. Both materials may come into contact with water and moisture. A weak point is the connection for the USB cable. You should mask this area to avoid damage in the water of the Smartwatch.
Is the handling of the Oshenwatch complicated?
The handling of the Oshenwatch is very intuitive. This means that it only takes a few days until you are completely familiar with the use of the watch and the app.


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