What is Shine Armor?

Shine Armor is a paint protection. According to the manufacturer, it is a 3-in-1 product and should be used mainly for waterless car washing. Due to the high-quality ingredients, the most diverse surfaces are to be optimally protected. The product is especially suitable for solid surfaces. The spray creates a special glass effect on every vehicle. This glass effect lasts up to 6 months on a car. If you use your vehicle heavily, a new application of the paint protection is necessary. 

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Why do I need this car paint protection?

The paint protection can be used for any car. It ensures that traces and scratches are removed from the paint. In addition, new scratches are avoided by the paint protection layer. With Shine Armor, car owners can save themselves a costly car polish. The car gets a special glass-effect already after one application. According to the manufacturer, the result is impressive. The paint protection can be used to optically enhance a car if it is to be sold. It looks much better after the application. Rainwater and dirt will roll off the paint, so that it will not be quickly re-contaminated. A glass-effect can often only be achieved by an expensive car preparation. This is offered in workshops or specialist companies. With the paint protection you have the possibility to clean your vehicle not only without water, but also to achieve a special gloss effect.
According to the manufacturer, the practical car protector provides a natural shine on the most diverse vehicle bodies. No small fortune needs to be spent on it. In the past, a glass effect on a vehicle was always very expensive. Nowadays, products like Shine Armor can be used to create a glass effect. According to the manufacturer, a big advantage is the quick and easy application of the Shine Armor product. Compared to similar products, there should be no scratches or other damage to the car paint during application. The manufacturer promises that with its 3-in-1 product a waterless cleaning of the car is possible. This means that the product can be used anywhere. Even if there is no water hose or bucket of water available, you can clean your car with the care product. Besides cleaning, the Shine Armor product

Shine Armor


Shine Armor evaluation and recommendation

The manufacturer of Shine Armor promises that up to 20 times stronger protection is available with its product. This protection lasts much longer than most other sealants. The paint protection can be applied quickly and easily. It is simply sprayed on and wiped off. This means that you do not need any water to clean your vehicle. According to the manufacturer, the special feature of the paint protection is that all solid surfaces such as paint, chrome, glass or plastic can be treated. The product is intended to provide long-lasting protection with a reflective finish.
  • Easy to use
  • Can be applied in any weather
  • 3-in product 
  • Dissolves dirt and removes water stains
  • Technology tested in laboratories
  • Lasts longer than other sealants
  • Shine and protection


Shine Armor technical facts

  • No water necessary
  • Compact solution for the car wash 
  • washing, polishing, paint protection)
  • Cheaper than a professional paint sealant
  • Lasts several months
  • Weatherproof through a ceramic coating
  • Stripe-free gloss
  • Removal of scratches, stains and smears
  • Resists even intense heat


What are the Shine Armor quality features?

Currently the product has not yet been tested by Stiftung Warentest or Ökotest. However, the manufacturer states that the product has been tested in various laboratories. Many customer opinions and external tests can be found on the Internet. The results are very promising. According to the manufacturer, the product Shine Armor was developed by experienced scientists. It should be of good quality and be produced on the basis of innovative technologies. The paint protection should be easy to use and always one step ahead of the competition. All products of the manufacturer can be used comfortably on your own premises or a driveway. Water is not required. The product should save you not only time but also money.
The paint protection is not manufactured in Germany. It is an American product. The manufacturer has specialized for many years in the production of care products for vehicles. The many positive tests indicate that the care product on a vehicle provides special care. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can simply return it to the manufacturer. The manufacturer promises that only non-toxic ingredients are used in this car care product. Accordingly, the product is considered very environmentally friendly. 

General Shine Armor opinions

Shine Armor is a waterless, ceramic mixture containing silicic acid. In addition, the product contains clay lubricant, a paint sealant and a so-called tinsel solution. All active ingredients are sprayed directly onto the vehicle paint by the spray. According to the manufacturer, the 3-in-1 product is available with an improved formula. Many car owners are frustrated when their car has been in the car wash. The paintwork is often scratched in some places or does not look clean enough. According to the manufacturer, the paint protection spray ensures that it provides more than just protection. The car gets a special shine and looks clean and well maintained.
The opinions of buyers that can be found on the net read very positively. One buyer has reported that he used the product to clean a truck. Before the application the truck was very dirty. Shine Armor not only made the truck very clean, but also smoothed the surface. Not all scratches that were previously visible on the car paint were removed, but the truck looked much smoother after application. Other buyers were delighted with the smell of the product. When Shine Armor is applied to a waxed car, it gives a very special shine. You can find more customer experiences via this link! *

Where can I order Shine Armor?

You can buy Shine Armor directly from the manufacturer. On his website he offers you the possibility to order and a lot of information about the product. You can order Shine Armor directly from the manufacturer using a variety of payment options. After a few days, the product will be sent to the desired delivery address. You should be very careful when buying from another foreign website. In this case you might end up with the wrong product. Even if it is visually similar, it may have completely different ingredients. Accordingly, it would have a completely different effect on the protection of your paint.
At the moment you can find a discount offer through the manufacturer. When buying two bottles of Shine Armor you save about one Euro per bottle. If you buy 4 bottles you even save 2 Euro per bottle. It is therefore worth asking friends or acquaintances before you order if they also need a car care product for their car. This way you can all save some money compared to the normal price. If you are not satisfied with the effect of the care product, you can return it directly to the manufacturer. 


Who is the supplier of the product?
If you want to contact the manufacturer of the paint protection, there are several ways to do so. The following information can be found on the manufacturer's website. 
CarCleaning-UK Ltd.
Tel. 01670 813888
E-mail: contact@carcleaning-uk.co.uk


General information about car paint protection
A car paint protection is an important tool to be able to maintain the paint of your own car in an optimal way. It is used to restore the paint to its former shine. A paint protection gives the car body an additional protective layer. It protects the vehicle from moisture and dirt. The protective layer prevents the dirt from penetrating deeply into the paintwork, so that it looks like new for a long time. With the help of a paint protection layer, even small stone chips can be better repelled. Your vehicle is protected all around accordingly.


Known FAQ about this product 
What is so special about Shine Armor?
The paint protection can be used for waterless washing of a vehicle. It was developed in combination with different polymers to ensure a finish against water spots, insects and dirt on a vehicle. According to the manufacturer, no equivalent protection can be provided by an ordinary wax and paint sealant. Other products often wash or wear heavily. Shine Armor, on the other hand, protects for months against the most diverse influences.
What advantages does Shine Armor offer?
The product lifts the dirt off the surface of the paint without scratching it. As a result, the paint looks much smoother and better maintained. In addition, the paint is sealed. Moisture cannot penetrate, so the body is protected against rust.
Is waterless cleaning advantageous for the paint?
After cleaning in the car wash, water residue often remains on the paint or in the door area. This can lead to rusty spots in the long run. Rust spots can be avoided by cleaning the vehicle without water. The manufacturer promises that by cleaning with the product many stains as well as coarse dirt can be removed. 
Can Shine Armor be used for any vehicle?
Shine Armor is suitable for all types of paint. But it can also be used for boats, motorcycles, four-wheel drive vehicles or motor homes. According to the manufacturer the product is a good mixture of a SiO2 ceramic coating and surfactants. Thus a shop window look can be achieved with every vehicle. The paint is not damaged by the use of the product, but is strengthened in its ability to protect the vehicle body from dirt adhesion or moisture.
How long does the protection last?
The coating lasts up to 6 months. The effectiveness depends on the most different environmental influences. Pollen, rain and whirling up dirt make a vehicle paint a lot of trouble. If the vehicle is not cleaned regularly, scratches or rust spots can result. If the vehicle is used daily, Shine Armor should be applied more often. This will give every vehicle the best possible protection and shine. If you use the product regularly, the manufacturer says that this will also have a positive effect on maintaining the value of the vehicle. Even if the product is used weekly, there will be no scratches or smearing on the paint. 
How can you tell that you have to reapply Shine Armor?
When you have cleaned your vehicle with the Shine Armor product, water droplets will visibly roll off the paint. Once these beads stop forming on the bodywork, it's time to give your vehicle a new protective coating. Normally, washing a car in bright sunshine is not a good idea. With normal care products, streaks often appear on the paintwork due to the sunlight. According to the manufacturer, Shine Armor can also be used in summer without the product forming stripes on the paintwork. However, Shine Armor can achieve a much better result if it is applied at an ambient temperature. Many paint care products have the property that they simply work better on cool surfaces.
Can swirling scratches on the paint be removed with Shine Armor?
This always depends on how deep swirling or feathery scratches are on the paint. You can try to carefully cover them with the paint care product. Deep scratches should be treated in advance with a matching coloured touch-up pencil. This way you are on the safe side that the scratch will cause rust to form on the body of your car.

Can Shine Armor remove water stains?

You can use Waterless Wash from Shine Armor to remove light water stains from the paint. Acid rain or hard water stains are very difficult to remove. They require much more work to remove. It is advisable to remove all dirt including the water surfaces from the surface of your car before applying the Shine Armor product. This is especially useful when you apply the product for the first time. The product prevents calcium water deposits on the paint in the future. Water surfaces will therefore no longer form on the paint in the future.

Is Shine Armor environmentally friendly?

When using Shine Armor, you don't have to worry about using it. The product is made only from non-toxic ingredients. For this reason, cleaning a vehicle is one of the environmentally friendly alternatives. All ingredients are biodegradable. The product contains no toxic solvents and is free from sulphuric and hydrofluoric acid. This means that it is not harmful to the environment if you wash it off and it ends up in the sewerage system.


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