What is Sleep Connection?

Sleep Connection is an anti-snoring bracelet for him and her. It should be able to completely stop snoring noises. Unlike nose clips or mouth patches, it does not suppress the air supply during sleep. The inventors of the bracelet rely on an innovative technology. This should be able to detect when its wearer starts snoring and react immediately. This is a sensory reaction, which in turn sends small electronic stimuli to the wearer via a conductive rubber on the underside of the bracelet. According to the provider, these impulses do not cause pain and do not wake the sleeper. However, they should cause the wearer to change his or her sleeping position.
This change of sleeping position should result in the snoring stopping. The supine position is often the reason why people make noise when breathing in and out while sleeping. By changing position - for example, to the side position - less noise is produced. In addition, the impulses are intended to produce nerve stimulation, which should contribute to a reflex-like suppression of snoring.

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Why do I need this bracelet?

It is estimated that about 60 percent of men and 42 percent of women snore. Noisy snorers include 36 percent of men and 21 percent of women. On average, almost one in two Germans thus causes noise in their sleep. It makes sense to do something about it in almost every case. On the one hand, snoring can be caused by an anatomical malposition or be a symptom of a serious illness. On the other hand, it is precisely the partners of snorers who suffer from the loud noises at night.
The Sleep Connection bracelet cannot make a medical diagnosis - only a doctor can do that. However, it can prevent snoring noises. People who snore without a pathological reason and their partners can therefore particularly benefit from the bracelet. Due to the individually adjustable fabric band, the gadget can be worn by both men and women. It can also be used not only by young but also by older people.
In contrast, the Sleep Connection is not suitable for people with a pacemaker or for people with another medical implant in which electronic components are used.

Sleep Connection

Sleep Connection evaluation and recommendation

The manufacturer of Sleep Connection promises a wristband that is able to prevent snoring in the first night - and that already on the first night. The snore detector, which is located on the top of the wristband, plays a decisive role in this. As soon as you activate the wristband with the on/off switch, it should detect all sounds in the room. As soon as you fall asleep and start snoring, this should be detected by the sensor. It will then send a signal to the inside of the bracelet. This immediately generates an electrical impulse which is transmitted to your wrist via the conductive rubber on the underside of the bracelet.
Since every person is different and some are more and others less sensitive, the strength of the pulses can be adjusted directly at the Sleep Connection. This allows the gadget to collect plus points. Because this way it can be used individually. The fabric strap, which can be individually adjusted and thus can be worn around both thin and thicker wrists, also contributes to this.
It is not necessary to charge the battery the next morning. The Sleep Connection works with batteries. These can be easily replaced on the bottom side, next to the conductive rubber. Overall, the bracelet is kept very dark. The Sleep Connection itself is black and the fabric strap is grey. However, the look is only secondary here, as the Sleep Connection is mainly worn at night in the bedroom at home.
In view of the technical details, we assume that the bracelet is very comfortable to wear and will not be perceived as a disturbance during sleep at night. The Sleep Connection does not produce any noise, only electrical impulses. These should also not wake you up, but only cause a change of sleeping position and a refelx-like snoring stop. This is quite possible - but the electrical signals must neither be too strong nor too weak. We therefore consider it very useful that the signal strength can be individually adjusted.


Sleep Connection technical facts

  • simple LED display
  • Snore detector
  • power button
  • Signal strength scalable
  • conductive rubber on the underside
  • adjustable, comfortable fabric strap
  • battery operated
  • minimalist design in black

What are the Sleep Connection quality features?

The Sleep Connection does not have official quality features such as certifications and seals of approval. It is also not known in which country the Sleep Connection is produced.

General Sleep Connection opinions

On the website of the official supplier you can find some reviews from people who have already tried the bracelet. They report that the relationship with their partners has improved, sometimes dramatically, after they bought Sleep Connection. They even say that the snoring sounds have completely disappeared after a long period of use. One reviewer reports that his snoring often woke him up himself. Medication and small strips of tape stuck over his nose didn't help - but the Sleep Connection bracelet did. The reviewer was able to sleep through the first night and he also reports that the relationship with his wife has improved.
We consider all these reports to be quite realistic in view of the technical facts. The small electrical impulses cause a change in the sleeping position, in which the inhaled air can flow better and unhindered through the respiratory tract. It is only natural that this also improves the relationship with your partner. After all, the snoring noises of the partner can be so disturbing that the non-snoring one has to spend the night in another room - for a relationship such a procedure is pure poison. You can find more customer experiences via this link! *

Where can I order Sleep Connection?

You would like to give your partner peaceful nights again - or vice versa: help you to have peaceful nights by giving your better half Sleep Connection? Then you should definitely take a look at the website sleepconnectionstore.com/en/. Only here you can get the official bracelet of the provider. Currently, you can even get a 50 percent discount here.


Who is the supplier of the product?
Media Communications Corp
220 Dunbarton Dr. Suite E
Chesapeake, VA 23325
E-mail: support@sleepconnectionstore.com
Phone: +1 855 247 0312


General information about snoring

Snoring is an evolutionary relic from earlier times. It is assumed that thousands of years ago, loud sleeping noises caused predators to be driven away during rest periods. This is how they ensured our survival. Today, however, this is no longer necessary and snoring sounds are mainly perceived as disturbing - but mostly not by the person making the sounds, but by the person lying next to it who cannot fall asleep because of the sounds. This has already broken one or the other relationship. After all, around 25 percent of all people state that they would rather sleep in another room than next to a snorer.
Although mainly men are considered snorers, there are also numerous women who make such disturbing noises during sleep. In Germany almost two thirds of all men and about two out of five women are considered snorers. The reasons for this are different. For example, previous alcohol consumption, taking sleeping pills or sedative medications and allergic reactions that narrow the airways can be the reason for the snoring sounds. In some cases, however, the airways in which the noises ultimately occur are also slightly narrowed by lying on the back. In many cases, changing the sleeping position alone can bring about a significant improvement.
Other causes lie directly in the human body. For example, curvature of the nasal septum or malocclusion of the upper jaw can be the cause. In these cases, an anti-snoring product such as Sleep Connection cannot fully help.
All the causes of snoring either cause a narrowing somewhere in the airways or a slackening of the respiratory muscles. Both are significantly involved in the development of snoring sounds.
However, before snoring can be clearly spoken of, a so-called sleep apnea must first be ruled out. In this case, breathing stops for several seconds during snoring - several times a night. This can lead to a lack of oxygen, which in turn increases the risk of serious illnesses such as high blood pressure or strokes. It is therefore important that if you snore heavily and irregularly, you should consult a doctor when you sleep. This doctor can rule out sleep apnea and help you if the cause of the nocturnal noises lies in the anatomy of your throat.


Known FAQ about this product

How does snoring develop?
The reasons for the typical snoring noise are manifold. Basically, the air is rapidly passed through the respiratory tract during inhalation. This path through the airways can be narrowed, for example, by too large adenoids. This means that the air cannot flow unhindered through the upper airways to the lungs and the snoring sound is produced.
Why do people snore?
The fact that air cannot flow freely through the airways can be attributed to either endogenous or exogenous factors.
Exogenous factors are triggers that occur outside the body. Alcohol, for example, inhibits muscle tension. The air then cannot pass through them smoothly, but causes the tissue to vibrate. This is also similar when sleeping pills or muscle relaxing drugs are taken. Allergies are also exogenous factors. For example, swelling of the airways as a result of an allergic reaction can lead to a narrowing of the airways.
The endogenous factors, on the other hand, are triggers that are created inside the body. The airflow in the airways is hindered here, for example, by enlarged polyps, a malposition of the upper or lower jaw, overweight or a curvature of the nasal septum. With age, the elasticity of the muscles also decreases, which can also be responsible for the rattling noise.
Why do women snore?
It is mostly men who tend to snore at night. But there are also women who are among the snorers. The reasons for this are the same as for men. Often the airways are narrowed by the wrong sleeping position. In other cases the tension in the respiratory muscles decreases.
How can snoring be prevented?
If you want to avoid starting snoring in the first place, you should get used to a lateral sleeping position, because especially in the supine position many people tend to make snoring noises. Those who already snore and can attribute this to one of the factors mentioned above should - if possible - change something. Thus, overweight snorers can strive for a long-term weight reduction. People who make snoring noises, especially after drinking alcohol, should avoid it if possible - the same applies to sleeping pills and sedative drugs.
However, nose clips or a plaster that prevents mouth breathing should be avoided. Under certain circumstances, this can lead to breathing stops and an unpleasant feeling of suffocation during sleep. It is better to use an anti-snoring wristband like the one from Sleep Connection. It does not hinder breathing and yet prevents snoring.
If anatomical causes are the reason for the snoring sounds, even a bracelet cannot help. Sleep surgery is usually necessary here. For example, the curved nasal septum can be straightened, polyps or frequently inflamed tonsils can be removed or the soft palate can be reduced in size. Under certain circumstances, tissue stiffening can also be carried out in different places.
What advantages does Sleep Connection have compared to other anti-snoring measures?
Sleep Connection is probably the easiest way to prevent disturbing noises during sleep. Breathing is not impeded, nor is it necessary to forego the use of necessary sedatives or sleeping pills. Weight reduction is also not necessarily necessary, although this can often be useful for health reasons.
If the sleeping sounds are triggered by anatomical causes, the bracelet cannot ensure a noise-free sleep. However, it can provide relief - if not only the anatomical conditions but also other factors are among the triggers of snoring.

How does the bracelet work?
Sleep Connection is a simple black band that is put around the wrist before sleeping. Once you fall asleep, it monitors the noise level in your bedroom. As soon as you make the first snoring sounds, the integrated, intelligent biosensor detects them. This then activates the bracelet. This then sends tiny electrical counter impulses to your wrist, which cause you to change your sleeping position in which you do not snore.
Does the Sleep Connection work for everyone?
If the reason for your snoring is that you sleep on your back, the manufacturer says the band works optimally for you. It works similarly well if sleeping pills or sedatives, alcohol or overweight are the cause of the sleeping noise. If, on the other hand, you suffer from an anatomical malformation, the band can only work within a certain range, as it cannot change the anatomical conditions. This would only be possible through surgery.
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