What is Sterilize X?

Every day we come into contact with many viruses, bacteria and germs. Some can cause serious diseases. A conventional disinfectant is often harmful to many surfaces or the skin. Since no chemical processes take place with Sterilize X (a UV disinfection lamp), there is no danger to health. Viruses and bacteria can be quickly and easily eliminated by the UV light. Excessively harsh cleaners can cause skin problems and irritation. Fine cracks in the skin can also cause inflammation or serious illness. A UV disinfection lamp is therefore a healthy alternative. 
Viruses and bacteria can be found everywhere in the household. They are not only found in the garbage, but they also collect in bedding, on curtains, toilet bowls, in refrigerators or washbasins. We use these things every day. Pets, pests, outside air or humidifiers can get them into the house unhindered. Since they are not visible, it is all the more difficult to combat viruses or germs. According to the manufacturer, a UV disinfection lamp makes it no problem to disinfect certain areas in the household. These are, for example, hard to reach areas on wall cabinets or areas behind the washing machine.

These areas are usually not cleaned daily with a cloth and cleaning agent. A UV disinfection lamp is particularly useful for precisely these areas. You can be sure that even in the most hidden or hard to reach places in a room, viruses or bacteria can no longer settle. 

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Why do I need this UV lamp?

Viruses and bacteria can be found in every house. For this reason, every house or apartment owner should think about how to eliminate them. According to the manufacturer, Sterilize X is a good alternative to classic air disinfectants. The environment and health are not affected when using the lamp. Since you should leave the room during the cleaning process, you will not come into direct contact with UV light when using Sterilize X. As soon as the device switches off after work is finished, you can re-enter the room without any problems. 
A powerful sterilization lamp can be used to fight viruses and bacteria. According to the manufacturer, it is a practical device that cleans the environment using UV rays. Previous laboratory tests have shown that up to 99% of germs and bacteria are removed when UV light is used. UV light has been a proven technology for years, killing fungi, bacteria, mould and microorganisms. In the form of a UV disinfection lamp, the UV light can be used individually indoors for disinfection. 

Sterilize X

Sterilize X Evaluation and recommendation

UV disinfection lamps are already used in laboratories and hospitals. Due to the special light the equipment can be kept sterile. According to the manufacturer, the US government has stipulated that germicidal UV rays can also be used in government buildings. You can also use this technology for your own use. The device is safe to use and has a deadly effect on microorganisms and germs. 
  • Kills 99% of all viruses and bacteria
  • Easy to use
  • Does not pollute the environment and health
  • Germicidal radiation (wavelength of 254 nanometers)
  • Can be used for surface and air disinfection
  • Compact design
  • Also removes bacteria in hidden areas 


Sterilize X technical facts

  • Sterilizes the air and environment
  • Delivers a fast result
  • 700 mAh lithium battery
  • Rechargeable within half an hour
  • 360° sterilization is possible in one room
  • Can be used for years
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee by the manufacturer

Sterilize X Test and quality features

The Sterilize X UV disinfection lamp has not yet been tested by Stiftung Warentest und Ökotest. You can find some tests on the Internet which will give you important information about the disinfectant. In general, Stiftung Warentest has not yet tested many devices in this area. The manufacturer promises good quality and high effectiveness in the fight against viruses, mould, germs and bacteria. 
The UV disinfection device is not manufactured in Germany. The manufacturer states that it has been sufficiently tested in advance in laboratories and during product tests. On the manufacturer's side, there are some customer recessions, which are very positive. 

Sterilize X Opinions and experiences

Viruses and bacteria can have a strong influence on health. With UV light it is possible to disinfect entire rooms within half an hour. To do this, simply switch on your Sterilize X disinfector. The indicator lamp must flash blue. After 30 seconds, the UV disinfection lamp lights up automatically. You should leave the room during the cleaning process. You should observe this safety regulation for your own health. After 30 minutes, the lamp is automatically switched off. Now it is safe to enter the room again. It is free of bacteria, germs and viruses and gives you a fresh feeling. 
Many customers are convinced of the performance of the disinfector. Due to the compact design, the device can be taken everywhere. It can be used for your own office, workshop or holiday home, for example. You can fully charge the battery of the device within 30 minutes. Afterwards you can start with the next room. Many users report that they have already used the device several times and that the respective rooms have been disinfected quickly and easily. The disinfector is light, compatible and can be used quickly and easily. Many users also consider it to be very powerful. You can find more customer experiences via this link! *

Where can I buy Sterilize X?

You can order the UV disinfection lamp directly from the manufacturer. This has the advantage that you can be sure to receive the original product. The manufacturer will also provide you with a lot of important information and advice about disinfection with UV light. When ordering, you can choose from a variety of payment methods. Within a few working days the product will be delivered to your desired delivery address. 
The manufacturer currently offers you a discount of 50%. If you buy three devices, you get two devices for free. The more disinfection units you order, the cheaper the unit price. For this reason it is very useful to ask your friends or family members if they need a UV disinfector before ordering. This can save you a lot of money. There are no shipping costs for an order. The manufacturer offers you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 


Who is the supplier of the product?
The following information from the manufacturer can be found on the website. So you can contact the manufacturer directly if necessary.
Manufacturer information:
Company: UAB Ekomlita 
Company number: 305049890 
homepage: https://sterilize-x.com/ *
Phone: +43 7200 22712
E-mail: support@sterilize-x.com


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