What is SuperBoost Wifi?

The SuperBoost Wifi is a device which, if the manufacturer's promises are true, should finally solve the problems with dead spots in WLAN reception. One of the features of this Wifi Booster is the easy installation. The necessary step-by-step instructions are included in the scope of delivery. One power outlet is sufficient to power the SuperBoost Wifi and activate the functions of the WLAN booster. After the initial setup of the device, you can plug the Wifi Booster into any power outlet in the house to help you receive wireless Internet. 
The handy device works both alone and in a network with several WLAN amplifiers. This is recommended for multi-storey houses and old buildings with thicker walls. The SuperBoost Wifi is described by the manufacturer as very uncomplicated in its use of technology. Neither with different router models nor with older mobile phones or computers should there be problems in compatibility. If you are curious if these promises are true in real life, you can find out more about the SuperBoost Wifi in the following product description.

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Why do I need a Wifi Booster?

Wifi Boosters such as the SuperBoost Wifi are used by many buyers to solve problems with receiving wireless Internet within the apartment or house. For most buyers this is a very simple calculation. The one-time purchase of a Wifi repeater is much cheaper than switching to a higher contract with the network operator. In addition, with this device you are able to get these problems under control without the help of a technician. Depending on the region, the assigned appointments are often several weeks in advance and therefore do not offer a quick solution for weak reception.
The target group includes all private households and companies that find the reception of the Wifi signal without cables in rooms further away from the router insufficient. If it takes almost a minute to open an e-mail in the home office or if a film is streaming only with interruptions, the annoyance about the reception is a daily recurring event. The SuperBoost Wifi should finally make it possible to receive a comparably good signal on several floors and in all rooms than in the immediate vicinity of the router.
This is also practical in shared flats, where the routers are often located in areas of general use. Placing all devices that are to be operated wirelessly there would quickly lead to chaos in these rooms. Once the SuperBoost Wifi is installed, the manufacturer also promises an easy switch between different power outlets. This makes it easier for you to choose the locations from which the devices will provide the best performance throughout your home. 

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SuperBoost Wifi rating and recommendation

One of the most important features of the SuperBoost Wifi WLAN amplifier is the manufacturer's promise of easy installation over any power outlet. The connection is therefore not made at the telephone socket. This has the advantage that the devices can be placed freely at the respective locations, which are a problem due to dead spots. The design is also very small and hardly noticeable at the socket. Only the green shining LEDs give an indication that the device is working as desired.
The manufacturer promises the buyers compatibility with all routers. Although this is true in principle, a look at the 2.4 GHz frequency range shows that some users may still experience difficulties. Many routers already transmit on two frequencies. By transmitting over the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies, the manufacturers themselves are trying to offer the best conditions for improved reception. The SuperBoost Wifi cannot receive the 5 GHz frequency and therefore cannot amplify this signal. The performance is therefore weaker than would be the case if a Wifi Booster with dual frequency was used. Before buying, you should therefore first take a look at the frequencies your router uses.
The data transmission is carried out at up to 300 Mbps. If you have already used other WLAN amplifiers, you know that this is the maximum value. Depending on the connection and your selected tariff, this value can also be undercut. The connection also becomes slower as soon as several devices share the signal. The SuperBoos Wifi has no limit on the number of devices. For this reason it is important to pay attention to the point at which the signal is not too weak, but the devices slow down the wireless internet.


SuperBoost Wifi technical facts

  • Installation via the power socket
  • Data transmission speed of up to 300 Mbps
  • Compatible with all routers
  • Frequency range of 2.4 GHz
  • No limit for the number of devices 


What are the SuperBoost Wifi quality features?

To advertise with the quality features of the Wifi Booster, the manufacturer strongly restrains itself. In advance, the buyers therefore know neither where the SuperBoost Wifi is produced, nor its other quality features, such as a CE seal of approval. Information on the possible location of production is provided by the headquarters of the manufacturer Think Tech Sales Limited. This is located in Hong Kong. The Asian country has long been part of the Commonwealth and therefore still has strong European influences. Once you have decided to buy the device, it is important to take a close look at it to get a first impression of the quality before installation. 
In addition, the manufacturer offers a 30-day right of return to all buyers who are not satisfied with the Wifi Booster. Should it be necessary to return the SuperBoost Wifi to Asia or any other country outside the European Union, this ensures that the return will not fail due to an extended journey to the manufacturer. 

General SuperBoost Wifi opinions

This Wifi Booster is also aimed at technical amateurs and allows all users to install it in a short time. Included in the delivery is a user manual, in which every part of the installation is explained step by step. If you have been successful, you can easily check this on the SuperBoost Wifi itself. If the device is working properly, the following will appear under the icons
  • Power
  • Reception and
  • WPS
a green light which is permanently lit. With this you have successfully completed the installation and you can convince yourself afterwards whether the Wifi Booster works as desired. For this purpose it is helpful not only to stay directly next to the Wifi Booster, but also to visit other places where the signal transmission has not worked optimally so far. With the mobile phone or tablet you can check the easiest, which use the device has brought you.
Most of the previous buyers who have left their opinion about the device online are satisfied with its performance. In a small to medium size apartment, a Wifi Booster may be sufficient to improve reception throughout the apartment. On the other hand, buyers who want to use the SuperBoost Wifi in a business or a house with several floors often use the set offers. Here the Wifi Boosters also reinforce each other, so you should not doubt whether it was really the right decision to set up your home office in the attic. Further customer reviews can be found via this link! *

Where can I order SuperBoost Wifi?

The Super Boost Wifi is currently available in four different offers. These include a single Wifi Booster as well as three sets. With a content of two, three or four of the Wifi Boosters it is easier to guarantee a high data transmission even on larger surfaces. Currently, an attractive discount is also available on the sales side. A saving of 50% is available for the purchase of a single device. In the set offers the discount is even higher, making it worthwhile for family members or friends to place a collective order.
The payment method offered is the classic method of payment, i.e. the credit card. Among others, cards from providers such as Visa and Amex are accepted. If you do not want to give your credit card details on the Internet, payment via PayPal is available as an alternative. If you have an account there, you are also protected against fraud by the buyer protection. The option to pay by invoice only after receiving the goods is not available for the purchase of SuperBoost Wifi.


Who is the supplier of the product?
Name: Think Tech Sales Limited
Managing Director: Anthony Perez
Address: 62544
G/F Bamboos Centre
52 Hung To Road
Kwung Tong
Country of origin: Hongkong
The manufacturer of the SuperBoost Wifi offers two different contact options for questions and problems with the Wifi Booster. You can reach the support by e-mail or telephone. Monday to Friday between 9 and 17 o'clock you can reach a German-speaking support, so you are not forced to describe your request in English or another foreign language. Here you can also find out to which address the return will be sent, should you have decided to make use of your 30-day right to exchange. 


General information about Wifi Repeater
Having problems with receiving wireless Internet is a recurring nuisance, not only in many urban areas. In order for users to finally have the opportunity to receive the service for which they were paid, it was soon clear that the signal was too weak. To eliminate the cause, Wifi Boosters such as the SuperBooster Wifi were developed. Their task is to pick up the signals and amplify them again. For most devices like the SuperBooster Wifi, only a free power outlet and a few minutes for installation are required. 
An important point in choosing a Wifi Booster is the encryption of the data. If you do not pay attention to this detail, it can happen that you have fixed the problems with the reception, but you run the risk that third parties can access your data. With an encryption over WPS it is much harder for data thieves to gain unnoticed access to your data. 


Known FAQ about this product
Does the device come with installation instructions?
The SuperBooster Wifi comes with a user manual. Here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to successfully connect the Wifi Booster to your router. Even technical laymen should not need more than a few minutes for this.
How is the Wifi Booster installed?
A wireless connection to the router is required for the installation. However, the SuperBooster Wifi does not need to be plugged into the telephone socket. A regular power outlet is sufficient to ensure the power supply of the Wifi Booster.
Is it possible to change the location after installation?
Once the installation is complete, the SuperBooster Wifi can be connected to other power outlets. The router and the Wifi Booster will automatically reconnect to each other, so there is no need to go through the installation steps again.
Does the SuperBoost Wifi signal reach into the garden?
Depending on the size of the property, the SuperBoost Wifi should be able to provide sufficient signal reception even after leaving the building. Alternatively, there is a LAN cable output on the side of the SuperBoost Wifi. With this the signal can also be brought by cable into the garden or the roof terrace.
Is there a limit on the number of devices?
An unlimited number of devices can be connected to the SuperBoost Wifi. This applies to mobile phones, tablets, computers, TVs, game consoles and much more.
Is one Wifi Booster sufficient for the whole building?
Whether a SuperBoost Wifi is sufficient depends on the thickness of the walls and the size of the apartment or house. As a precautionary measure, it is helpful to give preference to SuperBoost Wifi sets for larger buildings.
Can the SuperBoost Wifi connect to any router?
The SuperBoost Wifi is compatible with any router that transmits primarily in the 2.4 GHz frequency.

Should the appliance be unplugged from the power outlet in your absence?
If you are planning a longer absence such as a weekend trip or a holiday, it makes sense to unplug the SuperBoost Wifi. If you are away from home for work or shopping, the SuperBoost Wifi can be left in the power source.

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