Quarantine Support Fee Scholarship Form
We would like to welcome you on campus as soon as possible and assist you during this challenging time. We are pleased to advise that we are offering a $1,000 tuition fee scholarship for onshore student visa holders who are required by the NT Government to complete mandatory quarantine and pay the full amount of $2500.

This tuition fee scholarship is to assist you to relocate to the Northern Territory if you have commenced your study with CDU externally from a COVID-19 hotspot within Australia. The scholarship will be applied directly to your student account to contribute towards your tuition fees and help offset some of the costs of mandatory quarantine.

Please use this form to apply for the $1,000 tuition fee scholarship if you meet the following eligibility conditions:

1. You are an International student who has commenced your study externally in a COVID-19 hotspot,
2. You travel to the Northern Territory to continue studying with CDU,
3. You are required to enter mandatory quarantine at Howard Springs (Darwin) or in Alice Springs (Ross Facility), or
4. You have already completed mandatory quarantine at Howard Springs (Darwin) or in Alice Springs (Ross Facility)
5. You have paid or have entered an agreed payment plan with the Northern Territory Government.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact CDU Global via phone 08 8946 7215 or email international@cdu.edu.au.
  • Once you click 'submit' your application will be forwarded to the International Student Support team. Please also note that your scholarship application does not guarantee a successful outcome. You will receive an outcome within ten (10) working days of submitting your application.