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  • Must be exactly as it appears on the valid passport the guest will be traveling with.
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  • I authorize My Paradise Planner LLC to process a charge not to exceed the amount indicated above for travel components rendered by one of My Paradise Planner's 3rd party vendors. By submitting this form I acknowledge that I have been advised to purchase Travel Insurance to protect my travel investment in the event that non-refundable payments are lost due to unforeseen circumstances as well as agree to the Terms and Conditions listed below.

    My Paradise Planner acts only as an agent for hotels, tour operators, and other suppliers of services and shall not be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage caused by accident or event beyond their control, or by any action or negligence of any persons who are not in their employ. My Paradise Planner can accept no responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to delay or changes in air, sea or other services due to sickness, weather, strike, war, or other causes. The right is reserved to make adjustments in the itinerary if deemed necessary. Prices are accurate at time of quote and are subject to change until trip is paid in full

    Passports: All international trips require a Passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of departure. Any and all additional Visa's or travel documents required are the responsibility of the traveler.

    Air Travel : Flight details including departure times are always subject to change by the airlines and are not under the control of My Paradise Planner. It is the travelers responsibility to check in for the flight 24 hours in advance and reconfirm all gates and times.

    Cancellations : Cancellation, revision and refund polices for changes or unused travel/components vary and are subject to the policies of each supplier. Cancellation penalties can range up to 100% depending on how close to departure the written notification is received. Air, insurance premium and no-shows are always non-refundable. My Paradise Planner reserves the right to charge a $50 per person administrative fee payable before cancellation will be processed.

    Travel Insurance: My Paradise Planner strongly recommends the purchase of Travel Protection that can help minimize the monetary loss incurred due to unforeseen events beyond your control such as: cancellation, missed connections, baggage loss, trip delay, and especially medical emergencies.

    Health & Safety: By submitting this form you confirm that all members of your party understand, meet and agree to all of the health and safety requirements for the activities or extras you are booking. This includes but is not limited to any health restrictions, age/height requirements, safety rules and regulations, etc. Failure to comply may result in injury, fines, and/or loss of money.

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