Student Support Services Application
Apply for Student Support Services here.
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  • (You must provide us with documentation of your disability.)
  • *Can be provided to the Accessibility Services office at a later date.
  • For more information, visit:
  • I hereby grant permission to MSU-Northern Student Support Services to secure the necessary information pertinent to my participation in the SSS Program and MSU-Northern (e.g. financial data, standardized test scores, college/high school transcripts, instructor contact, and disability services). I certify the above information to be true to the best of my knowledge.
  • NOTE: All information requested in this form is confidential and used only to determine program eligibility and for SSS grant reporting. Only aggregate (total/subgroup) data will be used for purposes of federal grant compliance. Please note that you only need to apply ONCE to be considered for the TRIO SSS program.