Venue Reservation
Step back in time and see a glimpse of the past in this vintage venue that is ideal for a special celebration in a unique, nostalgic, and intimate setting; a setting that creates an ambience where magical memories are made! Tirzah is a historical building that existed in the late 1800’s and has the honor of being listed in the National Registry of Historic Places. This grand structure features crystal chandeliers, spacious ceilings, original hardwood floors, an exterior courtyard with party lights, and an outdoor garden area rustically landscaped. We are conveniently located in the heart of Central Texas in downtown Belton’s Historical District. ❤
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    The Venue Rental Fee is $100 an hour for a private event.
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    Consider the Set-Up/Decorating Time + Guest Invitation Time
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    Consider the Guest Invitation Time + Clean Up Time
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    Time noted on the Guest Invitation.
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  • Guest Invitation Time + Set-Up/Decorating Time + Clean Up Time
  • $
    The Total Event Reservation Hours multiplied by $100 an hour.
  • The venue rental comes with all of the options. More than one area may be selected. This just helps us to know more about your vision for the event.
  • Off-duty officers or security guards will be required at events with alcohol present at the expense of the renter. Alcohol is permitted to be served but not sold.
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    Website: and then select the blue Venue Rental Policy button located in the top right corner.
  • I will abide by Tirzah’s Policies and Procedures, Cleaning Guidelines, and Cancellation Scale, and I will ensure that my guests will do the same.
  • Please Note:

    The undersigned hereby agrees to the terms and conditions of Tirzah's Policies and Procedures, Cleaning Guidelines, and Cancellation Scale as set forth in the agreement.

    A non-refundable Reservation Retainer of $100 must accompany the completed and signed Venue Reservation Form to secure the specified reservation date and times that have been confirmed as available.

    The acceptance of the Reservation Retainer reserves the requested date and time. The Reservation Retainer is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. The Reservation Retainer will be applied to the event fee; however, it will be forfeited with failure to comply with the regulations.

    The Venue Rental Fee is $100 an hour for a private event. The Guest Invitation time, Set-Up/Decoration Time, plus Clean-Up time must be included in the Total Event Reservation Time, all of which is $100 per hour.

    We take significant steps to ensure that your data is kept secure and confidential. When we collect identifiable financial information from you, the data is always secured by SSL.