VHCB AmeriCorps Host Site Intent-To-Apply 23-24
Please complete this form by April 21, 2023 with your intent to apply to host VHCB AmeriCorps Members in the 2023-2024 Program Year. The 2023-2024 program year begins in September 2023 and ends in August 2024.

This Intent-To-Apply form will be used to gather information to help begin planning for the AmeriCorps recruitment season as early as possible. It is not binding in any way. If a full Host Site Application is submitted on or before May 12, 2023, this Intent-to-Apply Form is not required.
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  • Full-Time (11 months/1720 hours)
    Half-Time (6 months/915 hours)
    Quarter-Time (3 months/455 hours)
    List the NUMBER of each type of position you intend to request