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Books2Go is a free outreach service for hundreds of children in local elementary classrooms, Judy Centers, and Head Start Centers. This program models best read-aloud practices for both students and teachers, helping children to develop important language development and comprehension skills. The program runs until the end of the school year.

Books2Go fosters a love of reading, and provides low-income children with free books to develop a collection of their own, creating a joyful learning experience. Additionally, Books2Go provides students and teachers with opportunities to extend learning through activities designed to complement the Voluntary State Curriculum.

Please fill out the form completely. We will collect a class roster from you when we come for the program.
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  • Books2Go staff are happy to visit multiple classrooms while at your center/school. Please note other classroom teachers who are interested in this storytime program. Please list teacher(s) name, grade level, and # of additional students.