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You realized that it’s time to do this – upgrade your ClickFunnels plan. Your friend might be telling you about Actionetics or even Backpack. Yeah, you never heard of these before, so you decided to give the upgrade a shot.

That’s nice!

You’re thinking of improving your business while saving time and money. But a big question pops up inside your mind – is it a good offer if i upgrade my standard plan?

You’ll answer that question and more in this article.

Let‘s get started.

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Funnel Hacks – What Is It All About?

Funnel hacks is a training program that allows you 6 months’ access to the ClickFunnels suite. Thanks to ClickFunnels inventor – Russell Brunson, you can access ALL the ClickFunnels suites. Yes, I’m talking about the famous ClickFunnels platform that has Actionetics and Backpack, respectively.

That’s awesome, right? But that’s only the beginning of the goodies.

The funnel hacks offer also includes guides and an amazing training program once you upgrade.  You can also view the following:

  • - Audio

  • - Video

  • - Books

  • - Lectures

That’s the reason why any marketer can improve his or her marketing skills in a short time. You can also use tools to help you climb up to success.

BUT, you need a lot of cash to use the tools. Relax because you can get millions of dollars as resources.  Use these resources in exchange for the thousands of dollars you need. In addition, say hello to ClickFunnels premium features!

So, anyone can expect their funnel marketing to develop at a new level.

What Does Funnel Hacks Program Offers? (An Overview)

If you’re into an online business, the funnel hacks course is for you! Pros and even newbie funnel marketers working on online sales funnels would benefit from the course.

Remember: We’re now doing business mostly in the digital world. That’s the reason why funnel hacks are perfect for your online business. Online entrepreneurs and even funnel marketers gain additional information from the course.

So, what can you expect to see inside the Funnel Hacks System?

Etison Suite Account (Good for 6 months)

You pay $1,782, and it’s a decent value considering the premium courses you can get. Pay a budget-friendly value of $297 each month if you decide to buy outside the promo offer. You can also enjoy a subscription (valid for 6 months) for $997 plus bonuses.

Funnel Hack Master Class

The 6 weeks course under funnel hacks masterclass is a good offer if you consider the perks it includes. Pay $2,997 for the course and receive other premium courses for free.  But get ready to pay three thousand bucks if you plan to buy the course separately.

Here’s what you get from the training course:

  • - Sales funnels

  • - Product launch funnel

  • - Opt-In Funnels

  • - Membership Funnel

  • - Webinar Funnels

From these lessons, expect to increase your online sales in no time!

Instant Traffic Hack

Are you ready to receive $2,000 of free courses?  Yes, you’re reading it right!  Here’s another excellent deal – there’s no payment for the resource if you join the course. Instant Track Hack only costs $1,997.

That’s not bad if you think about the information marketers would get about traffic acquisition through diverse channels.

Inception Secrets 

Do you want to know the secret behind funnel marketing? You’ll know that and more in this course. Inception Secret is awesome too because funnel marketers would get the course $2,000 for free.

But what can you get from the course?

Pay $1,997, and you can create excellent sales copies that are perfect for sales online usage. The value isn’t bad considering the rewards you’ll achieve at the end of the course.

Soap and the Seinfeld Email Sequence

Valuable resources are often for grabs in funnel hacks, and this course is proof.  Pay only $997 and register to the course for free.  As the course title suggests, marketers would learn to create email sequences. 

That’s only a few of the amazing lessons you’ll learn. The webinar course would also teach you about converting a funnel to be potential customers.

Now, I’ll talk about Actionetics and Backpack.  


Email creation and management are essential in online business. ClickFunnels allows funnel marketers to create and manage emails easily with its email automation platform – Actionetics.   

Beside email creation and management, marketers can segment their emails to make things specific.  Anyone can upgrade from Actionetics once they bought Funnel Hacks. The decision is yours if you want to upgrade or not.


Is it possible for other people to promote your funnel for you?  Yes, thanks to ClickFunnels Backpack, and that’s possible.

Funnel marketers can set up their affiliate system (with ClickFunnels help) easily. Then, other people can now promote their funnels for them. Wow! You can make $10,000 or more a month from one affiliate who promotes your program.

Here’s another surprise:

Marketers can have an affiliate army that makes money every day by promoting their funnels for them. A backpack is a must-have for all funnel marketers out there!

Pricing – Is the Funnel Hacks Price Worth It?

Don’t think of blowing your bank account into pieces.  That’s not going to happen. Truth is the Funnelhacks program doesn’t give you to do that. 

Pay $997, and you get more than you expect inside the funnel hacks package. Take note:  the $997 bucks is good for 6 months. For one year, pay $1,997. (That’s still a decent value if you consider the perks you can get from the package.)

For example, you have access to the Etison Suite for free in 6 months. (The $1,782 payment is an excellent deal if you choose to purchase from ClickFunnels.)  You can also get other bonuses that would increase your online business.

>>> FREE ClickFunnels Subscribtion for 6 Months!

Attention: Special Bonus Offer!

Buy funnel Hacks now (from this page), and you’ll receive a fantastic special offer:  The special bonus includes the following:

  • - Amazon Ads Coupon – $50 (free ad credits)

  • - LinkedIn Ads Coupon – $50 (free ad credits)

  • - Bing Ads Coupon – $100 (free ad credits)

  • - Google Adwords Coupon – $75 (free ad credits)

  • - Free Udimi Credits worth $5

Besides these mind-blowing offers, you can also get Press List (includes Journalist Contacts and GrowthPack.

Now here’s the interesting part you need to know – claiming your bonus. Don’t worry!  Follow the simple steps below and get ready to receive the bonus right away!

  1. - Buy Funnels Hacks by clicking this link. >>> Click here!

  2. - Enter Your Email Ad (Note: your email address should be similar to the one used in purchasing Funnel Hacks.)

  3. - Wait for the instruction in your email.

Join the Funnel Hack Webinar!

Don’t get the Funnel Hacks course cost to overwhelm you! Marketers, entrepreneurs are welcome to participate in the FREE funnel hacks webinar course. 

You might think – so what’s the catch in the free webinar? Don’t worry because there’s no catch here but only SECRETS that you’ll know if you participate.

Here are the 3 main secrets you’ll discover from the webinar course:

  • - Steal $1,000,000 ethically from your competitors under $100.

  • - Clone your competitor’s funnels in minutes! (Note: The process is easier than what you’re thinking.)

  • - Get similar customers to buy products (and not letting them know you exist.)

As you can see, the free webinar has lots of interesting information (besides the secrets) in store for you. The free webinar allows you to learn and apply the information you need to know to make online funnel business successful.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Get ready to LEARN MORE once you decide to join the paid courses!

Funnel Hacks Alternative: The Funnel Builder Secrets!

The best bonus deals are here! ClickFunnels recently launched a better bonus offering – Funnel Builder Secrets.   Using the funnel hack alternative, marketers would have access to the following:

  • - Instant Traffic Hacks

  • - Funnel Scripts Software

  • - Funnel Builder Secrets (training and secrets)

Not bad.

But does Funnel Builder Secrets have more offerings than Funnel Hacks? Let’s find out. You’ll receive the following if you decide to purchase ClickFunnels through Funnel Builder Secrets:

  • - Funnel Scripts Access

  • - Membership to Traffic Secrets

  • - ClickFunnels (worth 12 months)

  • - Funnel Hacks Masterclass Access

  • - Funnel Builder Secrets Access

You can get these offerings for $1,997 only. If you think about the price and the offerings, Funnel Secrets Builder is an awesome deal you can’t miss. Register to ClickFunnels and get the fantastic deals from Funnel Builder Secrets.

Money-Back Guarantee!

Alright – for some reason, you canceled the Funnel Hacks course. Don’t worry! Funnel Hacks has a money-back guarantee for 30 days! Yes, customers can get a refund easily. No questions asked. You can cancel your account anytime by a few clicks.

You get a refund by contacting the Funnel Hacks customer support. Then, you’ll be assured of a full refund right away.

Is Funnel Hacks a Great Deal?

ClickFunnels founder – Russell Brunson, no doubt is one of the world’s most successful online marketers.  Brunson’s company raises $100 million per year through ClickFunnels and Funnel Hacks. Russell Brunson allows online marketers to earn millions of dollars as well.

Funnel Hacks allows marketers to earn more than what they expect.  Funnel Hacks course offers additional info, knowledge, and possibilities to marketers around the world.

Success begins there.

Funnel Hacks has bonuses and other offerings that are a big help to your booming online funnel business. The free online webinar course and Funnel Builder Secrets would catch your attention. Bonuses don’t lie, and anyone (even entrepreneurs) can have it when they register at ClickFunnels.

Also, the money-back guarantee doesn’t give you any headache. You can get a full refund by contacting the supportive customer service, and they would help you right away. No strings attached and no questions to answer!

Final Words

Funnel marketing has different branches. If you have knowledge of these branches, your success is assured.  Thanks to ClickFunnels, marketers can use Funnel Hacks that offer a training course for both pro and newbie marketers.

You can manage your online funnel business easily and effectively if you have knowledge and expertise. You’ll get essential information when you join Funnel Hack’s courses.  Each course equips you with the essential skills so that you become an expert in funnel marketing.

With Funnel Hacks, marketers can do more with their online marketing business.

Funnel Hacks allow you to manage your online business faster and easier. Get ready to discover great secrets from successful online marketers.  Once you join the courses, you have $17997 of the courses offered for free!

ClickFunnels has done a great job in introducing Funnel Hacks to the world. So, come now, join the course and be successful!

>>> FREE ClickFunnels Subscribtion for 6 Months!

funnel hacks


What will I get from the Funnel Hacks System?

Funnel hacks are above the typical funnel training program. The Funnel Hacks System gives you access to Etison Suite Account, Instant Traffic Hacks, Inception Secrets, and more courses.  The Etison Suite Account‘s value is $1,782, Instant traffic Hacks and Inception Secrets costs $1,997 each.

What suites can I access once I participate in the Funnel Hacks course?

Click Funnels offer you access to ALL ClickFunnels suites such as viewing different programs such as audio, videos, books, programs, and more.

Who can use the Funnel Hacks Program?

The funnel hacks program is open for pro and newbie funnel marketers. People who are working in online businesses such as e-commerce store owners, social media marketing agents, product creators, and others can join the course.

What Funnel Hacks has to offer?

Funnel hacks offer the Enterprise Account (for 6 months), Funnel Hacks Masterclass, Instant Traffic Hacks, Inception Secrets, and SOAP or the Seinfeld Email Sequences. All these courses provide essential information and knowledge to any funnel marketer to become successful in funnel marketing.

What is Funnel Builder Secrets?

Funnel Builder Secrets is a new bonus deal alternative from ClickFunnels.  Funnel Builder Secrets difference from Funnel Hacks is it allows marketers to access the Funnel Scripts Software, Funnel Builder Secrets program, and Instant Traffic Hacks.

How can I avail the Funnel Hacks Money Back Guarantee?

If you don’t like Funnel Hacks, you can refund anytime. You contact the customer service staff, and they would assist you with the refund process. You don’t need to answer any questions or whatever.