Sqribble Review

sqribble review

Welcome in this Sqribble Review. Marketing is like the apple of the eye to the public. Every time you try to sell something or try to make something known, marketing is the key thing to get it out there and make it known. It is the strategy that is used to lure in or attract possible consumers of the service or product you are trying to sell. The way marketing is offered plays a huge contribution and a big role to the product or service itself. The more you make the marketing seem so good, the product itself will have the illusion of being good. This is not saying that marketing completely cheats our perspective and how we view products or services. Some of these are actually really good quality even if we take off the marketing from it, but if you think about it, marketing does change our way of perceiving things.

Imagine seeing two clothing stores on Instagram, and you want to buy a piece of clothing, and you see the same piece on the two different stores. However, the first store had a better way of presenting it as they used a good camera and good lighting, and they even added a creative backdrop for taking photos of the clothing. In contrast, the other store just used a mobile phone to take the picture is not so good lighting. Judging from what you saw, in which store would you prefer buying in, the first one or the second one?

Of course, the first one. Why? Because the greatly taken photo and aesthetic of the image is more appealing to the eye than the second one, which clearly lacked creativity and it lacked portraying a story and did a not so good job in representing its brand. So, as you can see, marketing makes or breaks it. The product or service you are putting out should be represented in a way that attracts customers. One of the things that are being marketed today is eBooks. In today’s era, eBooks are very popular since some people find it hard to find physical books that they actually want. In an eBook, you could sell the digital copy of it for your customers to read it after paying. You could even become an author yourself and sell what you wrote in the eBook form. The eBook business could give you a decent amount of profit, which is good if you just want a sideline job or something to keep you busy when you have nothing to do.

eBooks may be an odd choice of business for some, but with the right strategy, you can get it sold quickly. One of the key strategies to make it sell well is to have an attractive looking eBook as this is a marketing strategy to draw in customers to buy your eBooks. There are a lot of tools in the market that you can use to make your eBook look fine. However, the outdated tools could really be unsatisfying to use and to design with, that’s why today, there is an app called Sqribble.

What is Sqribble?

Sqribble is one of the best eBook creators there is in the market today. Sqribble is an eBook creator software that is packed with a lot of professionally designed templates that you could use attractive covers for your eBooks. Because this app is easy to use and has a lot of variety to choose from, it can save marketing professionals or even you from making good eBook covers. This software offers a ton of good things. Sqribble offers automatic headers and footers, automatic table of contents, automatic pagination, 300+ fonts, and an easy to use drag and drop design which can pretty much be used by just about anyone. It also has 50 different eBook templates and 15 eBook niches, and you can turn your book into a flipbook. This app makes it so much easier to create good eBook covers that are attractive at the same time. There is no need for any more complicated stuff that takes too much time to make.

How Does Sqribble Work

Sqribble works like how you would design something in a decorating game but in a more professional and more polished way. In Sqribble, you must first select a category of eBook, then you choose your theme from the hundreds of choices, and then you start dragging and dropping anything you want. You can also add images to it.

Sqribble is a cloud-based software that is great software for beginners, freelancers, marketing professionals, and marketing agencies. As Sqribble might make your eBook cover designing easier, there are still cons to using this as well. Here are the pros and cons of using Sqribble in this review.


1. Easy to use

Sqribble runs smooth and has a drag and drop user interface, which makes sure that you could create your eBook within just a few minutes. You don’t have to spend hours creating it is much more complicated software or app. With Sqribble, your eBook will be ready in no time.

2. Flipbook feature

When you use Sqribble, it will give you the option to turn your eBook to a flipbook, which can ultimately add more appeal to what you are selling. It has the feature to create a notion that will make your readers feel like they are flipping an actual book.

3. Auto content

Sqribble not only makes your designing better and easier, but it also allows you to have automatic content, which will surely save you a great amount of time thinking for content. You can, however, add more and delete the content that you don’t want and replace it with something of your choice. Select an eBook niche first, and the content will then be automatically generated. You can either go with it as it is or customizes it to your liking.

4. Professional Designs

Sqribble offers you a lot of options for your eBook cover, and all of them look professional as if you’ve spent hours creating it on much more expensive or complicated software. The covers that Sqribble allows you to create are impressive and look very well put together. Of course, you could make a few adjustments here and there, depending on how you pictured it to look like in your head.

5. Options

Scribble gives you a lot of options when it comes to customizing. You probably wouldn’t run out of options when you use this software. Sqribble allows you to play with different components of the design, such as colors, fonts, themes, and layouts. You can also add unlimited pages, headers and footers, and other design features as well. This will make your designing process easy, and you wouldn’t have to spend so many hours perfecting the design because here, a lot of options are already laid out for you. All you got to do is select and drag.

6. Check on your clients

Sqribble has the feature, client feedback tool that allows you to communicate with your clients easily without having to jump to another app first. Clients can give feedback that can help you with adjusting what needs to be changed or added. This makes it easier for you and clients to work in harmony to ensure the quality of the eBooks you create.

7. Tutorials

If you are a beginner and do not know how to use the software yet, Sqribble features a training center that is catered for beginners who have just started out using the software. There are step-by-step video guides to help you use the software and maximize your use of the features it offers.

8. Money-back guarantee

Sqribble offers a 30 - day money-back guarantee, which is good if you decide not to use it anymore or you are unsatisfied with the features. There’s a lot of days you could experiment with the software and decide whether you should stop using it or keep it.

9. Agency rights

Sqribble can enable you to start creating and designing for brands and agencies and make it your business. It includes a commercial agency license that will permit you to create and sell eBooks.


1. Out of trend

Though using Sqribble may help you create your eBooks and make it look good, eBooks are undeniably going out of trend since there are a lot of other ways nowadays to read books online. You might want to think deeply and decide if you really want to continue and pursue an eBook business.

2. To use more templates and other features of Sqribble, you may have to purchase its commercial version.

One of the biggest cons of using Sqribble is the upsells, which may be such an inconvenience to you, especially if you don’t have the budget. The best features are usually included in the upsells, so if you are serious in wanting an eBook business and using the best version of this tool, then maybe you could subscribe to upsells of Sqribble.

There are 4 upsells in Sqribble and the total at the amount of $418. Here’s the rundown on upsells.

Front end: Sqribble software $46.90

The Sqribble software is what you initially land in when you first use it. The specifications have already been covered above. Most of the time, this is all you need; however, they may be times where you will need the features in the other upsells as there are more variety and good features that you can access there that you can’t access with just this Sqribble software.

1. Upsell 1 - Sqribble Professional

Most users of this software say that the best features and designs are in the Sqribble professional update. There are 150 more templates, graphics, and more that are made for all kinds of niches. However, if you are okay with the normal software, then you should just use that instead of buying an upgrade. Templates from stock websites would cost up to $450 each, so if you are a heavy user and are really pushing to make good covers for your eBooks, then subscribing to this update will give you more room for creativity in a fair amount of cost. The cost of Sqribble professional is $97

2. Upsell 2 - Sqribble Prime

If you really want to make money out of eBooks, then naturally, the more you make, the more designs you need. You might run out of designs once you reach its maximum capacity. With Sqribble prime, you will receive a new design or templates every month for a year. This is very helpful, especially if you are not a very creative person but want to have variety in the covers of your eBooks. Since you are receiving a number of new templates every month, surely you wouldn’t run out of options. You will always have room for fresh and new ideas for design since this update will give you a lot of variety to choose from, and a lot of really good options are here as well. Running out of ideas for cover pages will never be a problem to you anymore. You can subscribe to this if you are very eager to make a lot of eBooks and are constantly on the move for making new ones or updating. Sqribble prime costs $47.

3. Upsell 3 - Sqribble Fantasia 3D

This version is the best version for those who want to have a realistic-looking eBook cover and have a fun interactive feature in their book. Sqribble Fantasia 3D allows you to take the flat two dimensional designs into 3D designs, which is extremely eye-catching and would surely captivate buyers. Since the designs will be 3D, you are probably going to attract a lot of people into checking out your book and buying it. #D designs are now more popular and trendier as it looks better than the old 2D ones, which surely would upscale your eBook business.

Not only does it have a 3D design feature, but it also has the flipbook feature. What does it do? Well, it makes your pages look like real books as it has an animation that emulates a flipping page will be shown every time your readers will click on the next page. They can be linked anywhere online and can be embedded on web pages with a single piece of code. This version will be very convenient for you if you are looking or a more stunning design to attract as many customers as possible. Surely 3D designs and flipbook animations along with the content you make will do the trick. This version costs $77.

4. Upsell 4 - Auto Job finder software

Using Sqribble can enable you to make your eBooks look cool and attractive. However, if no one checks them out, then making an effort to make them look good and investing in a designing software would go to waste if you are making it for money. With Auto Job Finder software, you can automatically find people you can design for. This feature enables you to find seekers automatically and would save you a great amount of time looking for jobs in freelance sites. If you want a convenient way to earn money in an eBook, then buying this would be good for you. Auto Job finder software costs $197.

Final Verdict:

Sqribble is a great software that gives you legit service that you will surely love. It is wonderful software to design covers and make your eBooks look attractive. This is perfect for eBook enthusiasts or those who are looking for ways to earn money in eBooks. Sqribble offers a lot of things that other software can’t offer. The designs and templates in this software are absolutely stunning and look like they’ve been professionally created, when in fact, even nonprofessionals can design a beautiful eBook cover with the help of Sqribble.

Though there may be ready-made templates to plaster on to the cover of your eBook, it still gives you a lot of space for creative freedom since it does offer many designs to choose from, and you could decide what to add on or to remove. The controls are also easy to use as you could easily drag and drop it, and you wouldn’t have to fret over running out of ideas for a cover because Sqribble already offers a vast amount of variety of templates that you could choose from. 

Designing your covers on your own using Sqribble could give you a lot of satisfaction, and making them sell gives it even more joy. Marketing your eBooks is very important, and the strategy you use would be beneficial for the success of your business. Sqribble helps you with that and offers you an easy and not so expensive way to make your books’ outer appearance look great. After all, people tend to judge books by their cover. So, why not use this to your advantage and make your books look attractive on the outside. With Sqribble making it look good and professionally done is highly possible.

sqribble review