Dog Boarding Booking Form
Please note that all sections of this form must be completed in order for it to be sent.
  • HUMAN Name (Dog info is below)
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    if there is also an alternate number please include it in NOTES please
  • Payment

    You can pay via etransfer to or pay in store by cash, credit or debit. Thank you.
  • VIP Price is all inclusive.

    Overnight basic care - Check in is anytime during regular daycare hours or 5-6 am on Weekends and Holidays. Checkout is 9-10am unless daycare is scheduled. If dog stays past check out time, then daycare charge or day boarding is applicable.
  • All boarding bookings require a minimum 50% deposit or pre-paid in full. Any cancellations less than 48 hours do not get a refund. Cancellations provided with proper notice are subject to a $50 non-refundable fee. That fee can be applied towards another boarding booking within 12 months. HST must be added to the total.
  • Dog Information Section

  • If more than one dog include info in NOTES please
  • If more than one dog, include info in NOTES please
  • If yes, how often? How long ago? What type of setup was it? ie. Private in home/commercial kennel etc
  • Referring to a commercial boarding environment only
  • Please be advised that if there is excessive stress or barking in evaluation, dog may be declined for boarding. If dog is super social and super safe, then we can do cage free boarding but if dog is barking at gate etc... then not a good choice
  • This is important to know - if dog has history of destruction then dog should not have material bedding. We have comfy no chew beds available.
  • It is important to bring enough food for your dog. We do sell food if needed.
    If we supply food that your dog does not not normally eat, he/she is likely to get diarrhea ....

    How many times a day is dog fed?
    How much is dog fed?
    What is it that is being fed? Brand etc.

    Please LABEL all your items. NO GLASS CONTAINERS.

    Any other special feeding instructions?

    We sell a variety of proven favourite treats in store which you will get 10% discount.
  • Please select the right group. This is to determine size and requirements (bed size etc) plus to determine if we need a puppy pen, small dog play group etc.
  • Describe the normal sleeping routine for your dog. In a crate with door closed? In a crate with door open? In a kennel /dog run. Loose in your room? etc. We want all dogs to be comfortable.
  • Due to the unique nature of our boarding, we need to ensure dogs staying with us are comfortable with being away from home. We strongly advise that dogs attend daycare for several visits to develop a relationship with our caregivers and to be at home in our facility.
  • Emergency Contact Info

  • This is a requirement. If your dog should need to be picked up from boarding for unforeseen reasons, please ensure someone reliable and available is listed here.
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  • Agreement

  • All boarding dogs must be registered Daycare clients.
  • Sign using touch pad.
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    Please note that pick up and drop off times must be adhered to. Our staff have to schedule themselves for dog walking, bathing, their own lunches/breaks etc.
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    Drop off time for boarding Monday - Friday can be anytime between 7am-5pm. We prefer between 9am-3pm as daycare pick up and drop off gets busy so be prepared you may have to wait if you drop off during that time.
    Check in time on Saturdays is anytime between 9am-3pm. Check in time on Sundays or holidays is 3-5pm.
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    Check out for boarding if Monday-Friday can be anytime during regular daycare hours but daycare charges apply if not picked up before 10am.
    Saturdays, Sundays and holidays pick up time is between 9am-11am.
    If Late pick up is scheduled, pick up time is between 3-5pm and additional fee is required.