Envy Boutique Social Shop Customer Form
This social shopper form will help you free up time in your busy life! Once you fill out all of the information below (key word ALL) you can simply comment SOLD & which size you would like, on our items posted from the envy boutique social media accounts. If the item is available we will ship it straight to your door or you can pick-up the item at the brick & mortar location in Huntsville! If you live in Huntsville and want to pick up your new items please select the correct drop down box below. If you have any questions or need to update any information on your customer profile please contact an envy girl at 256-539-6790 or through our various social media sites. The in-store return policy applies to all social media sales and will be stated on all receipts. If you have questions about the return policy please contact us via the number above. Items sell out quickly and we will not be holding anything due to wrong information on the customer profiles. If your information is not correct we will move down the list of customers wanting the item. Happy Shopping.
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  • I understand by checking the above box I agree to allow envy boutique to charge the credit card entered above, for product chosen by me through the envy boutique social media websites. I agree to the return policy explained at envyboutiqueonline.com. I understand that the product I select through the envy boutique social media websites may not be available and will be sold on a first come first serve basis. I understand that order confirmation will be delivered via the social media outlet from which the order was received to envy boutique. I understand that the receipt will be with the item at the time of delivery or pick-up unless otherwise requested by me.