What is the Custom Keto Diet program?

The program will quickly teach you ketogenic nutrition and show you how to lose weight with it. The special feature of this special program is that you don't have to look for the information yourself, but everything you need to know is provided in a compact summary. Plus, you don't even have to worry about creating a nutrition plan - the program does it for you. But your meal plan is always tailored to you and your eating habits.
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Who is the product suitable for?

The Custom Keto Diet is specifically for people who want to lose excess weight. It is suitable not only for people with light fat pads on their hips, but also for those who are overweight or obese. After all, ketogenic nutrition is known to achieve enormous success within a few months. However, people suffering from severe obesity should consult a doctor before starting the program.

Custom Keto Diet

What about suitability for daily use?

To lose weight, the program can be ideal. However, the question still arises as to how easily all the new nutritional rules can be implemented in everyday life. Thanks to the detailed information and the detailed nutrition plan, this should not be particularly difficult for you. What's more, with the Custom Keto Diet you don't have to limit yourself and you can continue to eat as much as you want.

Probably the biggest problem is the social pressure you may be exposed to. When you go out to dinner with your family or are invited to dinner with friends, you may not always be able to eat everything on the table. If your environment is not sufficiently accepted, this can lead to mockery or even arguments. It is therefore important to explain new eating habits to your environment - ideally before such a situation arises.


The Custom Keto Diet program explained

The individualized meal plan is the heart of the personalized diet. But you will also receive a wealth of information about this special form of nutrition. Specifically, the programme consists of the following parts:
  • everything you need to know about ketogenic nutrition
  • introduction
  • What is a ketogenic diet?
  • the benefits
  • diet and blood pressure
  • What do you eat on the keto diet?
  • How does the ketogenic diet help you lose weight?
  • start with the keto-diet
  • Ketogenic recipes
  • tricks
You can also benefit from bonus equipment. Here you will find countless recipes for sweets and all sorts of other keto-based dishes that are designed to make your diet as easy and enjoyable as possible.
  • a keto 101 video and an e-book
  • your individual meal plan
  • Bacon recipes
  • grease bombs adapted to ketos
  • Festive ketogenic snacks
  • recipes for superfood keto smoothies
  • peanut butter candies
  • keto food with savory
  • chocolate candy
  • recipes with avocado
  • keto-friendly desserts
  • ketogenic biscuits
  • quick cooking recipes
In addition, the program generates a weekly shopping list, which is specially designed for your meal plan. Each day, you will receive new recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as ideas for your snacks. Each recipe is presented with its macronutrients - so you are always in complete control of your nutrient intake. You can also adjust portion sizes and replace meals that don't suit you with other dishes.

What is the procedure for the Custom Keto Diet?

Before you can start the ketogenic diet, this program requires you to complete a short questionnaire. An individual meal plan will then be generated based on the data you enter. You can open it at the end of the questionnaire. On the same page you will also find information that can help you lose weight. This will give you an overview of the following parameters:
  • daily caloric needs
  • the recommended fat content of the diet (in the case of a ketogenic diet)
  • the recommended protein content in the diet (in case of a ketogenic diet)
  • the recommended carbohydrate content of the diet (in the case of a ketogenic diet)
  • daily water demand in litres
  • the current BMI (body mass index)
  • current activity level
  • weight achievable within 30 days
You can correct the information you entered at the beginning at any time - for example, if you lose weight or your activity level changes. Then the nutrition plan is recalculated with all important indicators.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

  • eat at full capacity and lose weight at the same time
  • high weight loss possible in a short period of time
  • Programme offers detailed information on ketogenic nutrition
  • individually adaptable meal plan
  • suitable for vegans, vegetarians and people with lactose intolerance and allergy to whole eggs
  • potential societal pressure
  • dietary changes
  • possible "keto-flu" at the beginning of the regime

What does the Custom Keto Diet nutritional plan look like?

The ketogenic nutrition plan consists of several recipes per day. Each day you can try a new recipe for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between. You will also receive eleven cookbooks that explain recipes for festive snacks, desserts, cookies and more, and make cooking easier. Further customer reviews can be found via this link! *

Are there any unique features of Custom Keto Diet?

The food program does not include a global nutritional plan, but a plan directly adapted to your needs. Before you even spend money on the personalized diet, you can fill out a short questionnaire. Here you will be asked about your gender, height, weight and daily activities. You can also indicate the foods you would like to see in your new nutrition plan. Even a meat-free diet can be generated, so vegetarians can also try the ketogenic diet.

What's also unique about the meal plan is that it allows you to consume "ketofriendly" quick meals. If you don't have time to cook or if you're out with friends, you can also eat a Subway, McDonalds, Burger King or KFC meal without feeling guilty.


General Characteristics of the Custom Keto Diet

The quality of the program is of course reflected in its popularity. In addition, the effectiveness of a ketogenic diet has been proven many times over. In addition, the personalized diet is characterized by a simple but meaningful questionnaire, which allows you to adapt your personal diet plan to your diet and possible intolerances. In addition, the recipes you will find in your plan are simple. The attractive design and intuitive handling of the application belonging to the nutrition plan are also convincing.

Opinion of the Keto Customary General Diet

After completing the questionnaire, you will be taken to a page where testimonials are shared with people who have already successfully completed the program. In addition to an authentic report, you will also find before and after pictures of participants. The experiences presented here are largely positive. We are talking about weight losses of more than 15 kilos. In addition, participants report that they had fewer appetite attacks during the diet than before. The shopping list, which is automatically generated on the basis of the individual nutritional plan and which makes shopping much easier, was also highlighted in a particularly positive way.
Where can I buy the Custom Keto Diet eBook in pdf format?
Just click on the button below to check the current price on the official website.

Who is the supplier of the product?

The product is distributed by the following supplier:
Click Sales Inc.
1444 S. Entertainment Ave.
Suite 410 Boise, ID 83709
home page : customketodiet.com *


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