JAMZ Camp Request Form
  • Thank you for your interest in JAMZ Camps!

    We appreciate everyone's patience awaiting info on our camps. Due to State Covid-19 mega event restrictions, we've been delayed in our normal process for booking facilities for camps. We are still planning to produce JAMZ Camps this summer.

    Please fill out this form so we can collect your contact info, general location and organization. We will respond to all Camp Requests this month. If you've contacted us previously, we are working to get back to everyone as soon as possible.

    We are so excited to see everyone at a JAMZ Camp soon!

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  • Note: Choose "NA - Non-Affilitated" if your program is NOT affiliated with a youth football organization that includes cheer safety rules or cheer bylaws as part of its franchise. NA teams may NOT represent an allā€star cheer gym or dance studio.
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