e-Cleanserâ„¢ New Product Survey

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    Do you feel that the single use e-Cleanser tube is a more hygienic way to deliver a 17% EDTA solution over a typical larger multi-use bottle?
    Is an aqueous 17% EDTA solution, as found in e-Cleanser your preferred choice for removing the smear layer of a cleaned and shaped root canal?
    Do you routinely finish your Endodontic cases by flushing the canals with a 17% EDTA solution found in e- Cleanser?
    After opening a single use vial of e-Cleanser, did you find easy to syringe the solution out of vial?
    Do you feel that the translucent color-coded tube is helpful in identifying the product for use?
    Did you find that the twist tip tube was easily removed and provided easy access to the e-Cleanser liquid?
    Would you consider replacing a larger multi use bottle of EDTA liquid with a single use e-Cleanser tube?
    Do you feel that the e-Cleanser tube is a convenient size and shape to be used chair side for a routine case?