Inflate-R Electric Tire Inflator Device - 50% Off

What Is Inflate-R?

Inflate-R is a little and reduced, totally remote gadget that is exceptionally easy to utilize. It accompanies a spout that connects to the highest point of the gadget and into the tire. The second you plug it in, you'll see your present tire PSI on the LED screen.

Set the PSI on the foundation of the gadget and hit the force button, Inflate-R will right away beginning blowing up the tire up to the set PSI. When the set PSI sum hits, the Inflate-R will close off consequently, which means you can begin it, put it down and return to what you were doing before-hand.

That is not all either, the Inflate-R is likewise a compact force bank! It accompanies Micro-USB charging and a vehicle connector, so toss it in your vehicle and energize it while you're driving. You can even utilize it to charge your telephone in the vehicle!

What's more, it doesn't end there, the Inflate-R works with far beyond vehicle tires. Being one of only a handful few gadgets that can siphon up to 150psi, it's the ideal instrument to explode Bike Tires right to 120psi. That is not something you can do with a hand siphon. More modest than your water bottle, it's not difficult to heft around on your Bike any place you go.

Inflate-R for pretty much everything

  • B-balls, Footballs and Soccerballs.

  • Bicycle Tires

  • Vehicle Tires

  • Inflatable Tubes

  • Inflatable Air Mattresses

  • A lot more


Versatile and LIGHTWEIGHT— Fits helpfully in your glove box or knapsack.

Numerous USES — Inflates vehicle tires, soccer balls, motorbikes, trail blazing bicycles, dingies and any remaining inflatables.

Incredible AIR OUTPUT — Provides up to 150 psi of air yield, swelling tires in less than 8 minutes!

2000 MAH POWER BANK — Can charge numerous telephones in the event of a crisis.

Crisis LED FLASHLIGHT — Built-in spotlight guarantees you can generally find in obscurity or can wave to help.

Utilizing Inflate-R IS SIMPLE AND EASY!

Inflate-R is an across the board apparatus that can be pivotal for crises.

Just attachment the gadget into your tire or inflatable and the LCD screen will peruse out your PSI.

Utilizing the +/ - catches on the Inflate-R, change the PSI to your ideal sum.

Essentially hit the force button on the gadget and the Inflate-R will begin. Minutes after the fact, when the set PSI is hit, Inflate-R will naturally close off.

Attempt Inflate-R RISK FREE



This remote vacuum apparatus is not difficult to utilize

Truly, who truly feels good checking and swelling their own tires? It's a fundamental part of vehicle wellbeing, so in case you're not a specialist, it's something you'll have to learn. The Inflate-R removes all the mystery from adding air to your tires. Also, it's not difficult to utilize. Simply plug the spout into your tire. The LED screen shows your tire's PSI. At that point, set the siphon to the PSI you need and hit the force button. When your tires have been filled, the Inflate-R stop consequently. It's that simple and can be a genuine lifeline, particularly if your tire goes level and you don't have an extra.

The Inflate-R swells tires in minutes

There could be no more awful inclination than having a punctured tire. Furthermore, in the event that you didn't bring an extra, the circumstance gets much trickier. Contingent upon your area, you could be hanging tight for hours for a tow truck to come and take you to the closest assistance station. Be that as it may, with the Inflate-R to deliver your glove compartment, you can really take off once more in a matter of moments. That is on the grounds that this side of the road device gives up to 150 PSI of air yield, permitting you to swell your tires in less than eight minutes. That is such a ton speedier than the half-day or more you'd spend holding on to be towed and having your tires overhauled.

The Inflate-R is likewise a force bank

Indeed, you read that right. This cool vacuum apparatus is a versatile 2,000 mAh power bank and accompanies miniature USB charging and a vehicle connector. So you can charge it while you drive. What's more, obviously, it can charge various telephones in a crisis. So it's a lovely valuable contraption to have around. Would you be able to envision separating in no place with your telephone's battery at just 10%? At the point when you have this vehicle contraption, you can generally be sure that your cell phone consistently has sufficient force.

This versatile vacuum apparatus swells more than vehicle tires

Also, the Inflate-R doesn't simply expand vehicle tires. You can utilize it to siphon bike and motorbike tires, soccer balls, inflatable beds, dingies, and some other inflatable. Along these lines, in case you're an eager biker, this is a contraption you'll need to have in your first aid kit. It's not difficult to keep in your knapsack with the goal that you can get back out and about again in the occasion of low pneumatic force.

A LED spotlight gives you light in a crisis

Yet, imagine a scenario where you have a level around evening time or sundown. This cool pneumatic machine has you shrouded in those circumstances, as well. The Inflate-R has an underlying electric lamp that assists you with seeing in obscurity or banner down help. It's controlled by the Inflate-R's implicit force bank, giving you the light you need to perceive what's going on and make fixes. Never be gotten without light with this helpful device.

This crisis device is spending agreeable

Nobody needs to blow their spending plan on a pneumatic machine, so you'll be glad to realize that this cordless tire inflator is quite modest. It retails for just $75 + dispatching also, taking care of. At the point when you consider the expense of a tow truck and an outing to the help station or a spic and span tire, this is a device that really sets aside you cash.

The Inflate-R remote pneumatic machine is a fundamental device for your vehicle or with you during bicycle rides. It estimates your tire's PSI and expands it to the PSI you need access only minutes. Also, with its force bank and LED electric lamp, you'll be ready for crises. Punctured tires are unpleasant, however this device can assist you with keeping away from them and give you crisis air. It's an incredible decision for any individual who drives and makes a smart present for somebody you love.

Specialized Details

  • Manufacturer INFLATE-R

  • Thing Weight 1.32 pounds

  • Bundle Dimensions 8.74 x 5.35 x 2.52 inches

  • Batteries 1 Lithium particle batteries required. (included)

  • Color Black

  • Force Source Battery Powered

  • Included Components Nozzles, Carrying Case, USB charging link, 12v Power line

  • Batteries Included? Yes

  • Batteries Required? No

  • Battery Cell Type Lithium Ion

Extra Information


  • Client Reviews 4.0 out of 5 stars 139 appraisals

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

  • Blockbusters Rank #8,592 in Tools and Home Improvement (See Top 100 in Tools and Home Improvement)

  • #8 in Portable Air Compressors

  • Date First Available December 5, 2020

Where To Buy?

The Inflate-R remote vacuum apparatus normally costs $75. You can right now get it for $67 on the organization's site.