Request to Make a Change or Cancel
This form is to be completed only if you wish to request a change or cancel your active reservation. All traveling persons affected by the change or cancellation must be made aware of any changes prior to Majestic1 Vacations International to process the request.

Majestic1 Vacations International's Change or Cancelation Fee is $25 per traveler. Once you complete this form, you will be redirected to PayPal to complete payment. Changes or cancellations WILL NOT be processed until payment is received.

Cancellation restrictions vary by booking. Supplier's cancellation policies are separate from Majestic1 Vacations International.

For help with this form, please contact Patricia at Majestic 1 Vacations at
  • Reminder: Changes and cancellation requests are $25 per traveler paid to Majestic1 Vacations International via Paypal after this form is submitted. You will be redirected.
  • Request a Change

  • Changes can include but are not limited to things like name changes, corrections to traveler information, room category changes, and more. Requests are not guaranteed possible. Travel suppliers may have additional requirements for change processes.
  • Cancelling trips is one of the worst part of booking vacations! For whatever reason your trip is cancelled, I am sorry! I know coming to this point in your trip is not where we wanted this journey to go. Please keep us in mind for your future travels! We would love to help you get to your next destination when there's a better time for travel!
  • Request a Cancellation

  • By submitting the form and the payment after, you are giving authorization for Majestic1Vacations International, LLC to change/cancel my reservation. Changes are not guaranteed. The travel suppliers have all changes final say to accept or decline the request. I acknowledge the cancellation fee penalties as outlined and previously agreed to from the travel supplier(s) and the terms for reimbursement by the travel protection company (if previously secured). I understand that changes to bookings, especially in the case of roommates, could change the rates previously agreed to. Rates may be renegotiated depending on the change request. Majestic1Vacations International is not responsible for informing roommates about other travelling parties' changes or cancellations. I understand that Majestic1Vacations International is not responsible for providing refunds for my cancelled booking(s). The travel supplier will issue a refund within their outlined policies. Upon cancellation, we will be notified of what those terms are. The refund will be issued to the original form of payment. As unprecedented circumstances may arise, refunds may be delayed. Majestic1Vacations International will work with travel suppliers until you have received your refund as much as we can.