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Short Bio : NervoLink is a natural supplement that promises to diminish nerve pain, especially in the arms and feet.

Problems with your nerves can cause severe issues with pain. Most of the time, people solve them with surgery. However, surgery can be very expensive and it may not even end the pain once and for all.

That’s why there are other solutions that may attract people who suffer from nerve pain, such as sciatic pain. One of these possible solutions is a new natural supplement that just hit the market named NervoLink.

If you are currently researching about it and you’re still not quite sure about its efficiency, it can be an excellent idea to read our review and get informed.

What Is NervoLink?

NervoLink is a natural supplement that promises to diminish nerve pain, especially in the arms and feet. It was created by a man named Gary Smith, who lives in Ohio. According to the website, he was always passionate about plants and their effects on people’s health. So, he ended up researching the ingredients that make this product.

After discovering this powerful formula, which includes turkey tail, Maitake mushrooms, shiitake, reishi, and others, Gary contacted the third party to transform it into a product. The purity of all the ingredients was thoroughly tested, and NervoLink was born.

NervoLink has the three main qualities that this kind of offering needs: it’s effective, natural, and pure. Not only the ingredients are processed using very strict procedures to ensure purity, but they are also 100% natural, and no chemicals are used during their growth. So, you’ll get ingredients of the highest possible quality.

Another important aspect is how the factory that creates Nervo Link is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the GMP. This product is not addictive in any way, too, so you can use it for as long as you need without forming any kind of habit.

How It Works

If you use NervoLink, the nutrients from the ingredients will act directly on your nerves, supporting their health and even helping you with chronic issues such as sciatic nerve pain. After continuous use, your nerves will grow stronger than before, and you will feel the effect on your daily life.

Beyond the main effect on the nerves, NervoLink can also be extremely useful to boost your overall health. You will feel stronger and with more energy after you use it, and some people even claim that they have improved their sex lives.

To get this natural nerve health support supplement to work well, you need to take two capsules every day. It’s also important that you won’t exceed the recommended dosage, as you may end up feeling side effects if you overdo it.

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Nervo Link Main Ingredients

The main ingredients present in this product include Cordyceps Sinensis Powder, Reishi Mushroom Extract, Shiitake mushroom extract, Lions Mane, and a blend with several extracts.

Cordyceps Sinensis Powder: This powder works directly on your muscles and nerves. It reduces pain, enhances muscle regeneration, helps with fatigue, and even improves the sex drive.

Reishi mushroom extract: Helps fight infections and chronic inflammations, especially in the veins. It also enhances your immunity, as well as diminishes stress, fatigue, and supports low blood sugars.

Shiitake mushroom extract: This eastern mushroom helps to diminish cellular damage, and it increases the production of white blood cells. It’s very good for the immune system and can help with inflammation as well.

Lion’s mane: This ingredient greatly protects the nervous system, and it helps in healing wounds and injuries in the central nervous system. It’s also good against depression, anxiety, dementia, and other mental conditions.

Special blend: The blend includes White Button mushroom, Royal Sun Agaricus, Turkey Tail, Maitake mushroom, and others. These various ingredients work well with each other and will give you additional layers of protection against this disease.

Nervolink dietary supplement Benefits

I decided to talk to some of the users to analyze the benefits they got from using the Nervolink supplement. Here are some of the natural benefits that they experienced from this supplement according to the Nervolink reviews.

Supports nerve health

Most of the Nervolink dietary supplement customers have experienced an improvement in their peripheral neuropathy and muscle performance. As per the customer reviews, you have to take the supplement consistently for 2-3 months as per the instructions of the manufacturer.

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Protects your central nervous syste

The ingredients added to the Nervolink dietary supplement is scientifically proven to be effective in protecting your central nervous system.

Healthy blood flow

Most of the Nervolink users who had been struggling with issues related to poor blood flow like numbness and tingling have been able to improve those symptoms after taking the Nervolink supplement.

Increased energy levels

A few customers whom I talked, experienced a boost in their energy level after adding Nervolink into their dietary routine.

Nervolink Side Effects

Before discussing the side effects of Nervolink, always keep in mind that “natural” doesn’t always mean safe. Some all-natural dietary supplements and products might harm your liver health. A dietary supplement’s safety depends on several factors such as its formulation, manufacturing environment, chemical content, how it works on your body, dosage, etc.

However, the Nervolink formula doesn’t fall into those categories and that’s why any Nervolink side effects have been reported yet. The manufacturer of the Nervolink dietary supplement assures that every capsule is made in the USA, in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility under sterile, strict, and precise standards. Also, the ingredients are backed with solid scientific evidence to be effective in supporting nerve health and the supplement includes the right ingredients in precise amounts to keep their properties intact.

Besides, each of the Nervolink ingredients is collected from the local growers that let plants grow naturally reach their full maturity and use no chemical treatments. Nervolink capsules are non-GMO, do not contain any dangerous stimulants or toxins, and are not habit-forming.

Pros and Cons

Now, let’s take a look at the pros and cons offered by the continued usage of NervoLink:


  • Will diminish pain on the nerves.

  • Improves your nerves’ health.

  • Enhances how strong your nerves and veins are.

  • Good for brain health and the whole nervous system.

  • Nourishes the muscles and allows for better regeneration of the tissue.

  • Can greatly enhance your overall health and mood.

  • Helps you to sleep better and wake up with more energy.


  • You can only buy it on the official website, it’s not for sale on retail.

  • It’s possible to feel side effects if you use too much of it.

NervoLink Pricing

You can purchase NervoLink easily online. Normally, each bottle costs $99, but you can acquire one right now for $69. By getting more of them, however, you’ll also receive discounts. It’s possible to pay $177 for three bottles, or even $294 for six of them. So, if you can buy in bulk, you should, because the price is so much better.

Shipping is free to anywhere inside the United States, and it takes only five to seven business days to arrive. However, shipping to other countries (Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand) is $15.95, and it takes a bit longer than that.

In case you want your money back, you can ask for it within the first 60 days after the purchase by sending an email to the company’s customer support. You need to mail the bottles back to the company and you’ll get your cash. However, you may need to pay the shipping charges for yourself, so be aware of that if you are an international customer.

The easiest and most simple way to buy NervoLink is at the official website, where the lowest prices with the biggest discounts are available today.


NervoLink is a new solution for people who suffer from damage or pain in their nerves, such as the one caused by diabetes or another similar disease. It’s also good to prevent nerve damage because it makes them stronger and thus more resistant to illness. So, you can use it even if you don’t already have the problems.

As explained in greater detail on the official NervoLink website by product formulator and creator Gary Smith, the manufacturer said he perfected a natural, yet powerful formula, which consists of amazing ingredients such as Cordyceps Sinensis Powder, Reishi, Shiitake and Maitake Mushrooms, Lions Mane, Turkey Tail, Royal Sun Agaricus, White Button Mushroom and Black Fungus that may stop neuropathy by turning off this hidden brain pain switch naturally. Of these highly touted ingredients, the NervoLink supplement facts label shows four primary medicinal mushroom extracts in 266 mg of cordyceps sinensis powder, 266 mg of reishi mushroom extract, 266 mg of shiitake mushroom extract, and 266 mg of lions mane, and then topped off with another 266 mg of a proprietary blend made up of maitake mushroom extract, turkey tail extract, chaga mushroom extract, royal sun agaricus extract, white button mushroom extract and black fungus extract.

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