AmplifiX Wifi Repeater

In todays world, the Internet has become part and parcel of everyones life because now people are more dependent on online services instead of going somewhere to get the job done. Many IT companies are having dependence on an internet connection for the proper functioning of an organization.

Many people who tend to stay at home and want to earn money prefer taking work from home, which is only possible due to the Internet. All of us need the high speed of the Internet so that the accessibility is fast and efficient. We all are having wifi at our home, and in our offices, it is a possibility that not only one person is using the Internet, but all members of a family must also be using wifi. And, particularly in offices, like several employees are working, and each one must be using wifi when many people use the Internet, the speed tends to get low.

We all need the Internet for work-related things as well as for entertainment sources. Many young generations have a habit of playing games online and surfing the Internet for more time, so when they have a terrible internet connection, they get frustrated as it spoils one’s mood and for sure the experience is awful too. If you are the one who has spent a lot of money on buying the best wifi connection for better speed, but they have failed on giving fast pace. We are introducing new technology to enhance the speed of your wifi, known as wifi Booster. Now lets gain some knowledge about WIFI UltraBoost.

What is a WIFI UltraBoost?

Wifi Booster is a product that allows a person to have better connectivity and fast speed on the Internet. This product makes the process of connecting to the Internet more comfortable than ever; some people call it WLAN Repeater. It is an essential plugin that gets connected with the WLAN network and boosts its connection. The product helps in rebroadcasting the weak signals of wifi, it majorly works for internet connections where the rate is low.

The device might take a few minutes initially to connect with the existing network connection. It is the most simple and easy device to use, and it is most useful in offices and at home where more than one person is using the Internet. Wifi Booster is best for professionals. This product helps in improving the speed two times better than the average rate. Within a few minutes of plugging in, it boosts up the speed of the Internet. If you need a way out for better internet connection, for perfect and fast downloading of videos. Are you tired of failed downloads, and continuous buffering of some sites, then use this device, it will help to use internet connection without any distraction? The frequency of wifi Booster is 2.4Ghz, and this product is compatible with any internet connection router. It also gives you the feasibility of transferring things with 300 Mbps speed.

Now you dont have to call up an internet operator frequently for fixing the speed of the Internet. Now with wifi booster, you are all free from such problems. Besides, it comes at an affordable price.

Characteristics of WIFI UltraBoost

  • It allows you to have an internet connection at every corner of your house

  • The device is portable, and you can take it anywhere you want

  • It is well designed keeping in mind the busy families need

  • It comes with antennas which helps in extending the reach of internet connection

  • With the help of WIFI UltraBoost, you can get a high-quality internet connection

  • At the same time, it delivers high speed of wifi

  • It is compatible with every type of internet router

  • The installation of wifi Ultra Boost is easy

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For whom the WIFI UltraBoost is perfect?

Certainly, WIFI UltraBoost makes a huge difference in internet connections of home and offices; many people can take advantage of WIFI UltraBoost, they are the following:

  • People who are in dead zones- Dead zone is a place where people spend a lot of money on buying the best internet services, they still are getting the proper Internet in the entire area. Installing this device in such an area can benefit the person to have connections throughout the property.

  • People who get to know that some places in their property catch low connection- While some people may not have dead zones, but in some areas, they have slow internet connections. Rather than compromising with low signals, use the WIFI UltraBoost for better and fast internet connection.

  • People who are more into professional games or use the connection for their office work- When it comes to office work, you need a better and fast connection. For that, you must require a reliable internet connection that doesnt get slow even when you are office calls online and so on. The product ensures fast speed regardless of any weather changes or time.

  • People who may require the Internet outside- If you are a person who loves to work out in a cafe or someplace where you find peace, then this device is best for you.

Price of WIFI UltraBoost

There are several packages available when you purchase it from its official website. The following are the packages of WIFI UltraBoost:

  • When you want to purchase one wifi Booster, then you have to pay $49.

  • On purchase of Two WIFI UltraBoosts, pay $33 each. Along with that, you will get one booster free.

  • The best seller package is when you buy three wifi boosters, pay $27 for each and $135 in total. Besides that, you will get two boosters free.

  • On purchase of four boosters, pay $31, each with a total of $123.

With all the above packages, you will get three years of protection and replacement warranty with an additional amount of $9.

The Final Verdict

WIFI UltraBoost is a perfect device for professionals who want fast speed internet. It is a portable product that you can use anywhere and is compatible with all types of internet service providers.