ProSolution Gel Review: Longer, Harder & Long Last

Prosolution Gel – All You Need To Know In Our Review

prosolution plus gelProSolution Gel is another gem of a male enhancement product from the Leading Edge Health. It is one of the most effective gel with 100% natural ingredients and no side effects out there. It works so quickly than any other product. This is the best solution for the men who just can’t wait for male enhancement products to take effect. It’s no cream or lotion but a proper gel.

The topical enhancer boosts nitric oxide levels in the penis instantly after contact. The product has garnered plenty of positive reviews coming from all parts of the world. In this post, we will chip in our honest opinions about the product. Read the review entirely before deciding to buy ProSolution Gel for $50.

Does ProSolution Gel Really Work?

ProSolution Gel works towards male enhancement physically, physiologically, and emotionally. Its unique blend of 100% natural ingredients allows it to work on all three levels. Even the extraction of the ingredients is an out and out natural process. The working of the product is well complemented by its breakthrough transdermal tech. It works so smoothly on the skin, making it pliable for sexual enhancement.

Doctors, including clinical physiologists, relationship counselors, and myriad therapists were involved in deriving the ProSolution Formula. A lot of how it works revolves around the application and composition of the product. So, we will look into every tiny detail about its modus operandi in this post.

 – The key to the formula is the ingredients!

There are all-natural and naturally extracted from the source. A lot of these active ingredients are put in the right mix. When applied as a gel, they activate the cells and tissues in the penile area.

For the most part, they improve the blood flow to the penis, thereby giving you better erections. On top of it, such an erection can be maintained for a much longer time, thanks to the blueberry extract, which is one of the ingredients. While there are pills that exactly do this, they do come with side effects. As a clear gel, this product doesn’t put you in the slightest of danger. It works based on applying peruse. There is no need for constant ingestion of pills. Nor is the need for enduring a waiting period of weeks. You are ready to rumble in 10 minutes from contact. You can last anywhere from half an hour to two hours.

prosolution gel

Difference Between Prosolution Gel and Pills

Gels are different than pills. You use the gel only when you need it. You need it at your disposal during random sexual encounters. This is one of the significant benefits as well as drawbacks of gels. All the natural ingredients in the ProSolution Gel has an impressive track record in increasing blood flow to the penis. They also work towards improving the girth and strength of the Erection. The ingredients work directly on your penis rather than working on the whole body. Considering there is no ingestion involved, it doesn’t mandate much counseling with the doctor.

– The Process

Unlike other male enhancer gels, it is not a cream or lotion. It is a clear gel with just one formula – increase nitric oxide levels in the penis upon contact. Nitric oxide helps improve blood flow in the body. Higher blood flow to the penis alone can cause an erection. The penis needs to be in top shape to facilitate it. That is what this gel does best. It makes the smooth muscles on the penis to relax and dilate. The penis area can pump up with blood. All of this happens instantly, which is the highlight of this gel. Things happen the minute after contact. The application is a whole lot easier than the rest. Squeeze out some amount of gel from the pack. Then take it in your fingers and stroke it around the penis area. That’s it, and you are ready to rumble. You can enjoy penetrative sex or masturbate.

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How It Work

The transdermal delivery system is the talking point of the gel. It’s the USP of the product. Unlike other gels, this one works a lot better on your skin. It facilitates the entry and mobility of the ingredients to work on your penis. For instance, the inclusion of Aloe Vera allows for better mobility of other ingredients. The transdermal delivery system allows for quick and effective absorption by the skin. Thereby it causes a fast, targeted impact. You do not even have to wait 10 minutes for the gel to take effect. You can enjoy longer and stronger erections right from the go.

– Improve Erection by 67%!

The ingredients boost sexual health in males. They are used for a thousand years for this purpose in various cultures. They contain the vital nutrients that are responsible for restoring your sex drive and prowess. Your sexual ability is increased manifold with frequent usage. ProSolution Gel makes your sex more satisfactory by making it easier to climax. The higher levels of potassium, vitamin A, B6, and C content helps bring back orgasms within your reach like the adolescent years.

We have previously discussed the ProSolution Gel works in the emotional levels too. Mucuna Pruriens is the gel that increased the dopamine level, which in turn makes you relaxed. The relaxation improves the odds of having pleasurable sex. The formula also allows keeping a steady erection for more extended periods. It improves Erection by an impressive 67% during sexual activity. It solves basic issues such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Prosolution Gel Ingredients – What’s Inside

prosolution gel ingredients

  • Algae Extract: It is primarily the lubricating component in ProSolution Gel. Besides that, it works around the shaft, especially on the skin. Such flexibility allows for better performance from the get-go. By making the skin pliable, it allows for absorption of other ingredients in the gel.  It gives a raging erection as it gets applied.

  • Aloe Vera: It makes the pliable skin smoother. It acts as the carrier agent of other ingredients. It is responsible for the mobility of ingredients, once they are absorbed. By nature, Aloe Vera is a skin-nurturing plant. It makes sure the components are transported evenly and swiftly.

  • Blueberry Extract: It is the first herb that comes to the mind when treating urinary tracts. It does that by improving the flow of fluids. In turn, you get harder and longer erections. Orgasms are powerful than ever. Known as ‘uva usual, ‘it is used as a treatment for centuries in various cultures.

  • L Arginine: How often do you find a male enhancement product that doesn’t contain L Arginine? It enhances the nitric oxide levels in your body. Nitric oxide relaxes the penile muscles, thereby allowing for better blood flow around these parts. The result is better erections. L Arginine is an amino acid, which proved these traits in various clinical studies.

  • Mango Butter: Mango butter is yet another lubricant component in the ProSolution Gel. It is a comparatively least used component in male enhancement items. It’s known for its aphrodisiac properties. The essence of mango adds a new dimension to the product.

  • Menthol: Menthol does nothing but – cools and warms the penis. The key is to enhance your and your partner’s satisfaction during sex. It lengthens the staying power in bed. You can rock your bed for a lot more time than usual.

  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C helps in a lot of metabolic activities alongside sexual functions. It regulates a multitude of chemicals in the body, improves one’s desire for sex, and addresses issues with libido, recovery time, and sex drive. When applied on the skin, it works on your firmness of erections and staying power.

In combination, all these ingredients have a say in your enhancement and performance. It makes up one of the most potent topical blends. Besides the main ingredients, some more do feature in the gel. None of these ingredients cause any kind of side effects.

Prosprosolution gel review

  • The gel works instantaneously without any kind of waiting period. It doesn’t have to be taken regularly to affect. You are going to use it only when there is a need.

  • The gel has a neutral to good taste. Your partner doesn’t have to put up with chemical aftertaste of any kind. It doesn’t bother you if you chose to have oral sex.

  • There is no side effect. The gel doesn’t numb your penis before or after sex. It doesn’t numb your partner’s hand, mouth, or genital before or after, as well.

  • All of the ingredients are natural. There are no harmful chemicals present in the gel. The natural ingredients are extracted fresh from the source.

  • Like all ProSolution Products, the gel does offer a 67-day money-back guarantee. You can return the product before 67 days are over after the purchase. No questions asked!!

  • The gel is less expensive than any oral male enhancement item. An entire bottle cost you not more than $50. A pack of male enhancement pills will cost no less than $65.

  • There are plenty of attractive discounts and deals available time and again. The deals are presented on their official website. The price drops to half at times.

  • Both orgasms and ejaculations are more satisfied with the gel. You will enjoy the harder, longer, and well-lubricated erections. What more can you ask for?

  • The gel, when applied, works well with condoms too. The effects are contained within a condom. The gel doesn’t ruin the condom.

  • The gel works on your libido and desire for sex. The enhanced penal form supports an increased sex drive.

  • It is backed by years and years of clinical research, thus making it reliable. The study accounted for a wide range of requirements from the end-users.

  • Prosolution Gel addresses erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation too. It does that by working on the penal form and composure. The ease of use helps the user.


  • Availability is always an issue. You can’t buy Prosolution Gel in your local retail shop or big retailers such as Amazon, GNC, CVS, Walmart, Walgreens. The only way to buy is from the official website.

  • You don’t have any trials. Nevertheless, the 67 days no questions asked money-back guarantee is available. You need to shell out the $50 first even to try it.

  • The gel needs to be handy when you are in dire need. You must carry it to all places where you expect sex. Random sexual encounters will otherwise feel like downers.

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Where to Buy Prosolution Gel

As discussed in the cons, you cannot find the gel in your local retail stores. It is available from the ProSolution Gel website. You can order via online, phone, fax, and mail. If you purchase a package for three months or longer, you get incredible bonuses that pay for the product itself. Check out some of the unbelievable bonuses here

  • Free membership to ErectionFitness.Com

  • $25 gift card from Natural Health Source

  • Free one month pack of ProSolution Pills and Volume Pills

ProSolution Gel supports worldwide shipping. Just choose your region and proceed to the checkout page to complete the purchase. You can get it shipped to Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Pakistan, U.K., U.S., or anywhere else.

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Final Verdict

None of the topical enhancers come close to Prosolution Gel. It is by far the best male enhancement product in gel format. A fast-acting trait is a highlight. All of its quality ingredients are natural. Even their extraction is natural progress. We never witness customers complaining about side effects with the ProSolution Gel. It packs a punch at just $50. The low cost makes it really hard to overlook this male enhancement gel. The pretty little freebies and a two-month money-back guarantee make it an irresistible product. It is a product we will recommend strongly.