Nowadays, everyone who goes to the gym or consciously smells in the wardrobe at home knows unpleasant smells. The problem here are certain substances that spread in the air through processes and then take on an unpleasant smell. Sometimes it also simply affects households where pets live. Here you will always find a different smell than in other households. To stop this problem, there are now the Breathe Green coal bags. These are filled with activated carbon, which filters the unpleasant odours from the air. We would like to introduce them in more detail here.

What are Breathe Green charcoal bags?

Basically, this product is a small linen bag filled with activated carbon. It lasts for several weeks, so you can easily dispose of it after hanging it up. Because it is made of natural substances, it can also be easily disposed of with household waste. At the same time, it does not spread its own smell, as is the case with some perfume bags. Lavender is a good example - it is often used in the household to eliminate odours, but for some people it is very unpleasant to smell. The Breathe Green charcoal bags, on the other hand, are biodegradable, odourless and can be used in any room or even in the pocket, where they eliminate unpleasant odours and other substances.

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Why do I need these charcoal bags?

In principle, the coal bags are aimed at anyone who would like to take reliable action against unpleasant odours. It is irrelevant whether it is someone in their early years or someone whose age group is already more advanced. It is not important whether one is male or female. After all, even in a male household, a good smell can contribute to simply feeling better. We also address allergy sufferers or people who, for example, go on holiday with their motor home. Because here, too, odours that one would like to get rid of can spread with pleasure.

Breathe Green Charcoal Bags

Breathe Green coal bags Evaluation and recommendation

All in all, you can only be happy if there is no smell in your own household, or even when you are on the road, that can spoil your day. Because those who have already left their clothes in the sports bag for a week know exactly what we are talking about here. Similar smells are caused by pets if they regularly lie on the couch. But these are all just cases where the smell usually goes away if the right measures are taken. Usually there is another aspect to this: if you suffer from allergies, or if there is mould in your home, this can even cause health problems if the smell does not disappear. By means of the charcoal bags a spreading of the smell is eliminated and this over a period of about two years. All of this without the use of chemicals or pungent agents.


Breathe Green coal bags Technical facts

If we go into the technical facts, we can confirm that it is a product that is made exclusively from natural components. The internal activated carbon is natural, as is the light coating. The bag itself is made of jute. For disposal, only the small bag with the activated carbon has to be removed. The charcoal goes into the compost, the jute into the household waste. There is nothing more. To go into a little more detail about the technology, what capabilities the activated carbon has: it is capable of absorbing millions of small particles. These include benzene, ammonia, TVOC and CH2O. They are physically absorbed while a fresh smell is emitted, which itself does not smell, but simply provides a clean environment.

What are the Breathe Green coal bags quality features?

There are no quality seals for this product, but the workmanship is quite remarkable. Because here, something is put together in a sustainable way that is not harmful to the environment or to people living in the household. The product itself consists of natural resources and can be used over a period of two years. This alone prevents the excessive generation of waste, which we have enough of nowadays anyway. Even after disposal, the bag is still sustainable, because it ensures that good soil continues to grow on the compost. These reasons alone already speak of a certain level of quality.

Breathe Green coal bags reviews and opinions

We looked on the Internet for testimonials written by customers who have already had experience with the product. Most of the users were enthusiastic about the product, as it absorbed all annoying odours and left only a good smell. Most pet owners do not want to give up using it and are very happy that such a sustainable product exists. They are also very happy to recommend it to others. However, we could not find any negative reports and therefore assume that it is worth buying. You can find more customer reviews via this link! *

Where can I order Breathe Green coal bags?

It is best to order the coal bags directly from the manufacturer. They offer them on their own website at preferential prices. Not only a simple order is supported, but also moderate payment methods, which work without risk. These include Paypal or credit card. The bags will be shipped as soon as possible after the order is placed and will then be sent to your home by post. However, a special feature of the manufacturer is that it offers its customers special offers. For this purpose he offers time-limited offer formats that include several bags and graduated offers. They are usually structured in such a way that they are cheaper than if you only take up a single set. In this way, it is possible to purchase a stock for many years or to use the bags wherever you need them. It really couldn't be simpler.


Who is the supplier of the product?
Breathe Green
2345 Vauxhall Rd, 
Union, NJ 07083
Homepage: *
Phone: 1(888)415-1295. 


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