What is Compressa Socks?

Compressa Socks are compression stockings. They are woven from particularly fine, elastic and skin-friendly fibres and have been produced using high-quality compression zone technology - at least that is what the supplier promises. Both should contribute to a comfortable fit on the foot.
At the heels, the stocking has an active layer that is intended to support the ankle. The Compressa Socks are intended to provide orthopaedic support and to improve foot stability and posture.
The product should have a unique 7-zone support function. This should ensure that the arch of the foot, the heel, the ankle and the plantar fascia - in short, the entire foot - is better supplied with blood and thus with more oxygen. This in turn should contribute to immediate pain relief.
Compared to other compression stockings, this product is said to stand out due to its ultra-compressive tissue. According to the supplier, this fabric is supposed to generate pressure which gives the feet stability and thus improves not only the foot posture but the entire body posture.
As it is a light and breathable fabric, it is very comfortable to wear and should not irritate the skin. The optimized compression zone technology is also said to contribute to immediate pain relief and foot relaxation.

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Why do I need these compression socks?

The Compressa Socks are worn just like normal socks. The only important thing here is that they fit correctly on the ankles and heels. Because the supplier says it is so easy to put them on, the product is suitable not only for young adults and middle-aged people, but also for older people who often have problems putting on conventional compression socks.
According to the supplier, the stockings help against all neurological acute pain in the feet. This affects diabetics, among others - they often suffer from chronic pain in the ankles and legs. Here, too, the compression stockings are intended to provide immediate relief and prevent the development of new pain. The same applies to people who suffer from arthritis and feel discomfort in their feet, especially when getting up and walking.
However, compression stockings should also be able to help relieve acute pain, for example as a result of inflammation, and reduce foot discomfort. The same applies to foot discomfort that occurs after an accident, for example if the foot is sprained.

Compressa Socks

Compressa Socks evaluation and recommendation

The supplier states that the compression stockings were designed by a team of pain therapists and orthopaedic surgeons. As this is a product that is usually used medically, we think it makes a lot of sense that there is an experienced and competent team behind the product - but whether this is actually the case cannot be clearly determined.
The stockings are advertised as an alternative to medication. However, we would like to contradict this statement. This product can only replace medication if the treating physician makes corresponding statements. The discontinuation of medication is absolutely not recommended.
Nevertheless, the advertised supporting property of the socks can certainly lead to an alleviation of pain as well as discomfort in the area of the feet and legs. However, it is not possible to say in general how quickly pain relief sets in - even if the supplier speaks of an immediate effect.
The fabric used and the skin-friendly elastic band clearly speak for the advertised comfortable seat. The latter is intended to ensure a comfortable fit on the leg. Since the socks are supposed to be skin-friendly, skin irritation is not to be expected even after prolonged use.
It is welcome that the socks can be washed and thus worn several times in a row. This means that new compression stockings will only have to be bought again after several weeks or months. According to the supplier, the product is suitable for everyone - whether man or woman, young or old, sick or healthy. The modern, unisex design also contributes to this.
Thanks to the strong stiffening function of the socks, they should not only help to alleviate pain, but also have a supportive function when running, walking and other physical activities, thus alleviating discomfort.


Compressa Socks technical facts

  • coating on the heels
  • modern design
  • fine, light fabric
  • skin-friendly elastic band for better fit
  • suitable for multiple use
  • washable
  • unisex
  • application areas: Pain relief, support during running, walking and other stress
  • designed by a team of orthopaedists and pain therapists

Compressa Socks test and quality features

The Compressa Socks have received several awards - the supplier uses them to advertise on its website. These include the "Award Health & Safety", the "Doctors' Choice Award" and "Best of the best 2019". In addition, the socks have been chosen as "SEPro Best Product 2019".

Compressa Socks opinions and experiences

On the website of the provider there are numerous reviews. Some of them are supported by vivid before-and-after pictures. At first glance, you can see that the feet in the before photo are clearly swollen - some of them even show water retention. On the after pictures, however, healthy feet can be seen throughout, at least visually. Below the pictures, users report that the compression stockings have contributed greatly to relieving the swelling on the feet and the pain associated with it. The stockings were worn during long flights, at work and even overnight. You can find more customer experiences via this link! *

Where can I buy Compressa Socks?

If you are interested in the Compressa Socks, you can get more detailed information directly on the official website of the supplier. Of course you can also buy the Compressa Socks there. First of all, you have to indicate to which age group you belong:
  • under 34 years of age
  • 35 to 49 years
  • 50 to 64 years
  • From 65 years of age
In the next step you choose whether you need the stockings for women or for men. Although the provider states that only older people receive a high discount. However, the up to 73 percent discount is also available for all other age groups.
In order to be able to change and wash your socks regularly, it is not possible to buy a pair. If you buy two pairs of compression socks, you get one pair free of charge. This gives you a 56 percent discount. A discount of 60 percent is given if you buy three pairs - here you get two pairs for free. A total of 63 percent can be achieved by buying five pairs, as you get four more pairs for free. The highest discount, 73 percent, is given when you order eight pairs. Here you get twelve pairs for free.
Once you have decided on an order quantity, click on "Next" and enter your shipping information. With one click on "Next" you can pay. You can choose from various credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.


Who is the supplier of the product?
Gadget Tech LLC
18766 John J Williams Hwy
Ste 153 Rehoboth Beach
DE 19971
e-mail: support@getcompressa.com
Phone: 1-855-680-7755


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