What is Infinitikloud?

The manufacturer of Infinitikloud markets the USB stick as an alternative to purely digital clouds. The stick is both a classic data storage device and, according to the manufacturer, also a simple way to backup your data. Different data storage volumes up to a size of 128 GB are available. In direct comparison to the classic clouds, this product can not only help you to save the monthly costs, but also offers you the option to no longer give up your photos, videos or other data and store them on an unknown server. Furthermore, according to the manufacturer, the handy memory stick should be able to connect to all devices with USB and transfer the data. 

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Why do I need this backup USB stick?

The USB stick is produced for all people who own computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones and want to save the data on them as a backup. A large part of the data from the resume to the wedding pictures are often only available as digital files. If a defect occurs in the memory disks or chips, even for professionals it is not easy to save and restore the entire data. With the data storage, the manufacturer promises you that you can buy a new device immediately and transfer the data stored on the Infinitikloud data carrier within the shortest possible time. The memory stick should even be able to restore the data as usual, which could save you several hours compared to transferring the data one by one.  


Infinitikloud evaluation and recommendation

The manufacturer of the USB stick Infinitikloud offers you several options. These include, as the manufacturer emphasizes several times, the connection via USB and the wireless connection via Wi-Fi. For both options it can be advantageous to install the manufacturer's app. This is offered for free download on several platforms. Here you can manage your data or transfer individual files. It's not necessary for both devices to use the same operating system to transfer files between them. A transfer from Android to computers and other devices should therefore be possible without problems.
To avoid problems when connecting the backup data storage device, adapters for USB C and Micro USB connections are also included in the delivery. These can be plugged in to be able to store data from as many devices as possible. If the storage space of the USB stick is completely filled, you will be shown this and you have the possibility to browse through the files and delete individual data. Due to the few clicks that should be necessary for this, there is a chance that you will no longer have to lose valuable free time with this work. 


Infinitikloud technical facts

  • USB 3.0 via included USB C and Micro USB adapter 
  • Compatible with mobile phone, tablet and computers 
  • Transfer data with just one click 
  • Wireless data transfer via Wi-Fi possible 
  • App available for easy handling 

Infinitikloud test and quality features

Classical quality features such as the production "Made in Germany" or test reports of the Stiftung Warentest do not exist for this USB stick data storage device. However, as the manufacturer is based in Hong Kong, it can be assumed that the USB stick also originates from the Asian region. This is not yet an indication that this storage medium is a product of reduced quality. In addition, you have the opportunity to inspect the memory stick after purchase. If you do not agree with the quality, you have the option to take advantage of the 30-day return policy. Simply send the memory stick to the return address and you will receive your money back. You should decide on a shipping method that allows you to check whether the return has reached its destination.

Infinitikloud opinions and experiences

Due to the large target group of the Infinitikloud data storage, the manufacturer aims to make the handling as easy as possible. If the promises made are true, a large part of the handling includes the well-known plug and play and you can store or transfer data within seconds. This is not only practical for data backup, but also for storing data that needs to be deleted on the original device due to a full memory. 
The previous buyers of this product especially praise the handy shape. It allows data volumes of up to 128 GB to be stored on a small USB stick. This has the advantage of being able to archive data and instead of having a whole room or your own server, you only have a drawer full of memory sticks. Buyers are happy to give tips on how to make the contents of the sticks visible from the outside, for example with waterproof pens or stickers. You can find more customer experiences via this link! *

Where can I buy Infinitikloud?

The data storage for data backup is currently only offered for sale online. The manufacturer has set up a special website for this purpose, which you can use for purchasing. Here you can assume to receive an original product, on which your data should be well protected for years with appropriate quality.
Currently available are the three different memory sizes 32, 64 and 128 GB. For each of these sizes the USB stick is available either individually or in packs of 2 or 3. If you decide to buy directly from the manufacturer, you may be lucky enough to benefit from attractive discounts. Currently, you can save up to 50% of the original purchase price when purchasing the data storage devices.
For the purchase you can pay by credit card. Among others Visa or Mastercard are accepted. A second option is the payment via PayPal. If the delivery does not arrive, PayPal also gives you the option of using customer protection. Your account will therefore not be charged with the reserved amount.


Who is the supplier of the product?
Name: Think Tech Sales Limited 
Address: Rm 709B
7/F Opulent Building 
404-406 Hennessy Road 
Wan Chai 
Country of origin: Hong Kong 
If you have a problem with the Infinitikloud data storage, because this storage medium is less suitable for backup than initially thought, it is important to first contact Think Tech Sales Limited by phone or email. Sometimes these companies only take care of marketing and sales, but not the manufacturing of the offered products. With the short feedback you have the chance to get the right address for the return, so you don't run the risk of exceeding the 30-day return period.


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